Anita Bra: All that lace!

Today is a especial day! Not only because this post was planned for Thursday and today is Tuesday (oh, time travel!), nor because it seems that spring has come at last (going out without a coat in April! How crazy is that?). No, today is special because… I’ve finished my first self drafted underwired bra! *applause*. And I’m so proud of it, so I’m going to fill this post with loooooots of pictures! 😉

Anita7First, the fabric: it’s a beautiful, low stretch, white lace. The cups are lined with sheer cup lining using this technique by Maddie, and the bridge and cradle are stabilized with tricot (which is IMPOSSIBLE to find in Spain, unless you go to a super-specialized and very well hidden shop I’ve just discovered! One day I’ll write an entire post complaining about how difficult is shopping for lingerie supplies in Barcelona *sigh*). The back band is made of white dotted mesh, and I used some pretty elastic trim for the top of the bra, and ½” plush back elastic for the bottom band.


Just before closing the channeling

Second, the fit: well….it’s surprisingly good! The center gore is almost flat against my chest, and I think the reason for that ‘almost’ is that the cups need a little more depth. Next time, I’ll also rise the underarm slightly, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the fit! And also I’m super proud of its look: there are no loose stitches, the topstitching is even and straight, all the seams are enclosed… Wow! This is not only my best bra, it’s my BEST piece of clothing!  I think the Bra Fairy was leading my hand or something, because I can’t explain that otherwise! xD

BTW, I’ve named it Anita, after Anita O’Day. Just because I was listening to one of her records while I sewed, and I like her: simple explanation! 🙂

Oooh, the lace! Oooh, the stitching!!
Sad Greta. She couldn’t model this time!

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