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Lacy Monday: Corinne Panties! (+ free pattern)

I promised that there was going to be plenty of lacy stuff around this blog. Well… here it is, a little bit of lace! I’ve been drafting the pattern for the panties in the picture, and I’ve just uploaded the pdf. I developed the pattern after a basic brief pattern I sewn during my lingerie course at RosasCraft, taught by Lola Mata (If you’re in Barcelona, you should definitely join in: it’s super fun!).

Corinne panties!
Corinne panties!

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Shopping Saturday: Palo Alto Market

New blog section! Every Shopping Saturday you could join me on a short walk along shops or markets I’ve been during the week. Put your comfiest shoes on, because we start now!

This weekend I attended to the most vintage-chic-hipster-monthly-event in Barcelona: Palo Alto Market. It’s held in an old factory of Poblenou (c/ Pellaires, 30) that has been repurposed in order to accommodate several artists’ studios and workshops.


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How-To: Paint on Fabric II

As you remember, in the last post we talk about the supplies we need to paint our own fabric. Now that we’ve got them, we’re ready to start!

First, we should pre-wash the fabric without softener, so the paint could stick on properly to it. For better results, some fabric paint makers recommend applying Fabric Medium or Transparent Medium to the fabric before painting, or ironing it afterwards. However, the paint I’m using works pretty well without adding anything.

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In the beginning, there was a blog…

…and someone who was writing it. That “someone” is called Sofía and, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s me. I’ve decided to start this blog so that I could talk about one of my favorites subjects: sewing! And also it would allow me to share whatever knowledge I have, while I also can learn from you. (Besides, who am I trying to fool? I just need to justify the hundreds of hours I spend surrounded by patternmaking paper and fabric scraps.

So, in this blog you’ll find how-to’s, patterns, desperate searchs  for the correct tone of blue, information about what am I sewing and, above all, lots of lacy stuff!

First photo
What did I say? Lacy stuff. Lots of lacy stuff.