Back to School & Fall Sewing Plans

I’m back to school today!! I’m back to my PhD classes, but I’m also starting some exciting new classes: I’ve been admitted in a professional patternmaking programme at a specialised school! I’ll have to work hard this year, because I’ll have to make progresses with my PhD and also study the patternmaking course, but I’m super excited!! The course lasts two years and they’ll teach us about digital patternmaking, industrial sewing techniques, design theory, fashion history… and in the end we’ll have to do an internship! Is La Perla accepting interns, by the way? 😛

So, before I’m all snowed under with work, I’m going to share with you my sewing plans for this fall. Will I be able to accomplish them? We’ll see… 😉


Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork
Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork

Some weeks ago I spotted the Oslo Cardigan at Colette Patterns blog, because they’ve chosen it as pattern of the month. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “Oh, it looks sooooo cozy! I wish I had a cardigan like it!”, and then, the second thing was “IT’S ONLY $3!!!”. So, Oslo cardigan it is 🙂 Now I have to find the perfect fabric for it!


Pleated midi skirt, by The Sara Project

I’ve always loved plaid prints, but lately it’s becoming an obsession: I need a plaid skirt! I saw this cute tartan one in the gathered skirt tutorial by By Hand London, but I also loved this pleated one by Sara, so I can’t make up my mind… What about a pleated skirt like Sara’s but in a tartan print? Could it be the perfect combination?


Victoria Blazer, by By Hand London

I’ve been searching for the perfect blazer lately, and I was almost decided to buy the Morris Blazer when I saw… the perfect one! Ladies and gentlemen, the Victoria blazer! I really like this knit version by Katie, and absolutely love this one by Laura. Nevertheless, I think I’m going to try it in white, just like the picture. White blazers seem so chic to me!


BurdaStyle dress, 08/2015 #123

The august issue of the Burda magazine was oddly good, so I bought it without thinking it twice. For less than 5€ I have now this beautiful and simple dress pattern that is destined to become one of my favourite fall outfits. This seath dress, this colour block one and this cute shirt were on the same issue too, so I can’t be happier!


Rachel Zane (image via LookLive)

I’ve discovered a new TV serie this summer: Suits. I started watching it only because all my favourite series were on a break, and I had extremelly low expectations on it but… it’s not bad! Not at all! Yes, it’s not the best serie ever, but I love the sharp, clever dialogues and, of course, the clothes!!!! I would love to have Donna’s entire wardrobe, but as her designer dresses are a bit out of my reach. So, my second best choice is to replicate Rachel’s style, and I think I could start by sewing a classy pencil skirt (or two, or three…). Althought probably I’ll draft my own pattern for it, I belive that the Charlotte skirt would be a nice option too, as well as this Burda Style one that was also on the August magazine. Which one do you like the most?


Freedom Corset Pattern (one of my possible pattern choices!), by Bra Makers Supply

Of course, I’ll keep making lingerie as always! I’m finishing the Maya bra and *spoiler alert* I love that pattern! So I’ll be making more Mayas, and more self-drafted bras (I’m already drafting a plunge!) aaaand…. a corset! The lovely Erin will be hosting Corset October at her blog and I’m totally in, so I’m looking for corset patterns like crazy. I’m super excited!

So, that’s everything! Have you made your sewing plans for this Fall yet? Tell me about them! 🙂



  1. I am SO in love with all of your sewing plans for this fall! I was thinking about making the Morris Blazer myself (I agree blazers are just incredibly chic!) but wow does that cardigan look comfortable!

    I’m also a huge fan of plaid- I was thinking of maybe trying a plaid corset- but I think that might be setting myself up for a nightmare! lol

    I cannot wait for Corset October and all the other lovelies that you have for the fall 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks, Erin! I can tell you, the Oslo cardigan IS comfortable! I finished it just yesterday and now I’m all wrapped in it! I want to live in this cardigan! 😉
      I’m sure you’ll be sewing amazing things this fall, I can’t wait to see them on your blog! A plaid corset would be stunning. Totally a nightmare, but still… 😛

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