Bianca, the shirt that stole my heart!

As you saw in my Me Made May round up, I’ve got several handmade items that have never seen the light on this blog. One of my blog resolutions for this year was to write more posts about my handmade garments, not just about lingerie, so maybe it’s time for me to actually do it! Let’s start with the Bianca shirt, then!

Bianca Shirt – Image via MakeMyLemonade

The Bianca shirt is a pattern by the French indie company Wear Lemonade, which I discovered by accident one sunny day in Pinterest-land. I love their blog design and the fashion style of Lisa, the head of the company. Isn’t she so incredibly chic??!  Anyway, the Bianca shirt was a free pdf pattern at the time and I downloaded it immediately. Now the Bianca is available as a paper pattern, and the pdf format is only available if you purchase a monthly subscription.


The printing process was a bit tiresome, because the patter quite a lot of pages and they aren’t numbered (and the margins aren’t marked!), so assembling the pattern was like putting together a huge puzzle. I really hope that the new pdf version includes some guidelines to make this process easier!


The pattern includes 1cm SA, but it doesn’t include instructions (at least the free pdf version). There’s a video at the Wear Lemonade blog that explains almost every step… in French! Nevertheless, I hardly know two words in French but was perfectly able to follow the video, so don’t panic! 😉

The fabrics I chose were a black lightweight poly-blend and some sturdy red crepe for the collar and the heart-shaped pocket, my favourite feature of this pattern! I made the shirt a bit shorter because I didn’t have much fabric, and also changed a bit the construction of the collar, but any other feature was exactly like the original pattern… and it was a success!! I really love the result, and I’ve wearing it to school almost every week since I made it. This won’t be the last Wear Lemonade pattern I’ll make! 😉


Have you tried Wear Lemonade patterns? I recently fell in love with another French pattern company, Deer & Doe. What is it with French people that they’re always so stylish?


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