Birthday dress: Kielo by Named 

This is a post that I meant to publish much earlier, but… well, you know, life happens! Let’s start saying that my birthday was on August 16th, and I wanted to sew something special for that day. I had about 3 meters of beautiful sheer black chiffon that I bought long ago with no real purpose in mind (ahem, fabric addiction? Nah…).  Now was the time to use it, but… which pattern could be good enough for it?


I thought about several alternatives and actually started to draft something myself, but then… I found Kielo and it was love at first sight 😛 The Kielo wrap dress by Named had all the things I wanted: a simple design that let the fabric shine on its own, but interesting enough to feel special and, you know, birthday-worthy 😉 So, I printed the pdf, taped the pages together (I actually enjoy taping pdf patterns, I’m weird like that) and proceed to cut the fabric the same afternoon.

First problem I faced: the chiffon was VERY slippery, so the cutting process took forever. And then, I discovered that it frayed like a monster too, so I quickly serged all the pieces before ending up tangled in a million of chiffon threads.  After that, everything went much better.


I cut a straight size, according to the measurement table, but I reduced the length by about 10cm and raised the back slit about 5cm. I was afraid that if I raised it more it turned out somewhat indecent (because, remember, the chiffon was really sheer) but in retrospective I think that I could have gone up a few centimetres more.

The construction was pretty straightforward and I followed the instructions almost to the letter (and they were very clear indeed, with some diagrams and all). The things I changed were:

  • I French seamed the centre back seam, because it was going to show through the fabric and I wanted it to be neat.
  • Instead of the suggested method, I finished the neckline and the armholes with a strip of bias binding, turned it to the inside and secured it with some invisible handstitching.
  • I hemmed the dress using the rolled hem setting in my overlock. I tried handstitching it first, but the extra weight made the fabric hang quite weirdly.

And that’s all! I’m very happy with this dress, the ties make it so easy to adjust it to your particular body, and the pleating of the fabric reminds me of one of Mariano Fortuny’s Delphos dresses. SO stylish! 🙂 I wore it (with a slip underneath, of course!) to my birthday dinner, that was in my favourite sushi restaurant 😀 The thing that surprised me the most about it was that it looks like a really complicate dress when you put it on, but it’s actually pretty easy and it came out really quickly! I’m already thinking about doing more versions, maybe using the sleeve addition and shortening it to knee length to make it more “everyday-friendly”.  So many projects, so little time!

What do you think about this dress? Do you recommend me other Named patterns as well?



  1. Gosh this dress is absolutely stunning Sofia!!!!!!! Talk about inspiration – I’m definitely going to have to try my hand at something like this over summer now!! 😀 It looks like such a stunning, glamorous dress (perfect for a birthday!), I bet it looked amazing on <3 can't wait to see more clothing makes from you soon!

    1. Thanks Maddy!!! I felt so stylish when I put it on! ^^ I can’t recommend this pattern enough, really! Actually I was between this pattern and the Elisabeth Gown, also by Named. They’re both gorgeous! I may try to sew the Elisabeth some day in the future 😉 And I have a feeling that you’ll see more of my clothing makes soon: after all, this year I have to design a whole collection as the final project at my pattern making school, so I think it would be fun to share the process on the blog! 😛

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