Black Lace Bra: Sew Delicate!

One of my favourites lingerie brands is For Love And Lemons, and if I were rich I’d buy half of my lingerie from them (the other half would be from Karolina Laskowska, but I’ll talk more about her another day).  I’ve been in love with Love and Lemons all-lace bras for a while (well, to be fair I’m in love with everything they have on their shop) but I’m not rich (yet), so I decided to make my own version of those bras!

Little Black Bra

I used some black eyelash lace, which is fairly firm but has a little bit of mechanical stretch, and I lined the cradle with a piece of nude powernet. The wings are made of black powernet and they close at the back with 3 hooks and eyes. Also, as you can see I used red elastic on the top and bottom band. I’d like to say that it was a design choice, but the truth is that I ran out of black elastic! I’m a reckless seamstress 😉

Little Black Bra Detail

I tried to be careful with the details on this bra, so I cut the lace using symmetrical motifs on both parts of the cup (e.g. right inner cup matches left inner cup). It’s slightly more time-consuming and you waste a little more lace, but the result looks quite nice! In addition, I haven’t included underwires on this model, although my initial intention was to  make an underwired bra: it’s more comfortable this way, and it feels lighter. Now I can defeat the hot Spanish summer in style! 😛

And what about you? Do you think that sof bras are more comfortable for the summer?



  1. This is gorgeous- and I agree it’s totally worth it to use a little more lace to get your bra nice and symmetrical. And I just looked at the For Love & Lemons website, and I think we share the same love affair, and budget constraints… As for soft vs underwired bras- I usually wear underwire but as it’s been heating up around here I keep reaching for my soft bras more and more- I really want to make a few more of them- and something light and lacy like yours! Definitely my next project!

    1. Thanks, Erin!! Oh, I have quite a long list of pretty lingerie brands that I can’t afford… Is it our fault to have such an impecable taste? 😉
      I usually wear underwired bras too, but this summer it’s being incredibly hot. Soft bras and ice-creams are the only things that keep me alive! And, of course, I’m so looking forward to seing your next project!

  2. So lovely Sofia! I generally hate pattern matching and will avoid it at all costs – but I will make an exception for lingerie sewing! We get pretty hot summers here Down Under too, and it’s so nice to be able to wear something pretty and light while you’re lounging around with a cool drink 🙂

    1. Thanks, Maddy!! Definitelly, when sewing lingerie a little more work can be worth it! I’m sure you’re already sewing something pretty and light to wear this summer, and even if it’s half as pretty as your last makes, I know I’m going to love it 🙂

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