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What I’ve learned in Patternmaking School

I told you before that I was going to start a professional fashion and patternmaking course. So, now it’s been a month since it started. I have sooo many assignments and projects to do, which add up to my regular PhD assignments, so I’ve been incredibly busy this last weeks! But I have to tell you that it’s totally worth it. I’m having so much fun!! I’ve learned A LOT of things, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of them with you. Maybe some of you are thinking about taking a course like this, so it could be useful to know what to expect, or maybe you’re just curious… So, here it is!

First, take note that starting a fashion course in any specialty would most likely mean that you’ll find quite peculiar people in your classroom. They may have their hair done at the same hairdresser’s as Helena Bonham-Carter (and she’s amazing, by the way) and they may have tinted it in every colour of the universe, but it’s Ok, they won’t bite you. They’re actually very nice people! 😉

We love you, Helena!

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Back to School & Fall Sewing Plans

I’m back to school today!! I’m back to my PhD classes, but I’m also starting some exciting new classes: I’ve been admitted in a professional patternmaking programme at a specialised school! I’ll have to work hard this year, because I’ll have to make progresses with my PhD and also study the patternmaking course, but I’m super excited!! The course lasts two years and they’ll teach us about digital patternmaking, industrial sewing techniques, design theory, fashion history… and in the end we’ll have to do an internship! Is La Perla accepting interns, by the way? 😛

So, before I’m all snowed under with work, I’m going to share with you my sewing plans for this fall. Will I be able to accomplish them? We’ll see… 😉


Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork
Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork

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Meet Angerboda: My new Sewing Machine!

Fear not, my friends: I haven’t been kidnapped or abduced by aliens. I just was on holidays! When I returned from Stockholm, I had to visit my parents, grandparents and uncles, each one of them living on a different city! But now… I’m back!!

I managed to sew a couple of things the few days I’ve been at home, but none of them being lingerie… because the shop where I buy all my supplies is closed until September! *cries* I ran out of channeling and strap elastic, and I couldn’t find them on any other shop in Barcelona, so I’ll have to wait some more time to finish my last makes and blog about them. But, in the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to… Angerboda, my new machine!

Bernette Fun Style
Say ‘Hi’, Angerboda!

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My new favourite skirt: the Veronika Skirt

We’re having a really hot summer here in Barcelona, so hot that I gave up wearing jeans about a month ago. And I absolutely love my jeans, btw, but the only things that I’m wearing this summer are dresses and skirts. The problem was that I didn’t have many skirts at the beginning of the summer, so I went to the fabric store and I pretty much bought any lightweight fabric they had, and started transforming them into skirts. I’ve made three so far, and a dress. And maybe I’ll blog about them some day. But today is about sharing with you my greatest skirt-related discovery: the Veronika Skirt pattern, by Megan Nielsen! *applause*

Veronika Skirt
Forget the bad pictures, my boyfriend wasn’t cooperative!

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