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New Year’s Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone!! ^^ I hope you had a wonderful holyday! I had a great time, I travelled a lot to visit all my family and I got amazing presents! Some of them are related to sewing, so maybe you’ll see them here in a few days… 😛 But now it’s time to work again, go to the university, make some homework, study some exams… Oh boy! I want to stay in bed hugging my pillow! But no, I don’t want to think about that. I prefer to start the new year thinking about… sewing! And, of course, blogging! So, these are my Blog Resolutions for 2016:


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Back to School & Fall Sewing Plans

I’m back to school today!! I’m back to my PhD classes, but I’m also starting some exciting new classes: I’ve been admitted in a professional patternmaking programme at a specialised school! I’ll have to work hard this year, because I’ll have to make progresses with my PhD and also study the patternmaking course, but I’m super excited!! The course lasts two years and they’ll teach us about digital patternmaking, industrial sewing techniques, design theory, fashion history… and in the end we’ll have to do an internship! Is La Perla accepting interns, by the way? 😛

So, before I’m all snowed under with work, I’m going to share with you my sewing plans for this fall. Will I be able to accomplish them? We’ll see… 😉


Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork
Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork

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Holidays in Stockholm: Fabric shopping!

I’ve just returned from my summer holidays in Stockholm, and I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries 😉 First, you should know that Stockholm is an AMAZING city! I really enjoyed my time there, even if the weather was quite cold, compared to the burning hell we have in Barcelona! Apart from walking around the city, I also visited some museums, and my favourites were the Fotografiska (Photography Museum), the Historiska (History Museum, with lots of Viking stuff!) and the Vasa (a museum built around a huge 17th Century ship). Of course, I also fell in love with almost every designer shop I saw, and I discovered some Swedish clothing brands like Filippa K or & Other Stories, which made my student budget cry really hard. 😉

But I also had some time to dedicate to my fabric addiction, so I visited some fabric shops. Here they are!



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New Serger & My Sewing Studio!

Actually, I planned to write this post some time ago. In fact, I was writing it when my laptop died and lost everything I had written, and short after that, my sewing machine broke for the first time (I honestly believe that all the machines around me have evil plans against my happiness). So now I’m writing this on my boyfriend’s computer and I don’t have my sewing machine with me because it’s broken again (I think that the guys at the repair shop never fixed it right…). All the photos you’re going to see are pre-catastrophe. But, despite all my misfortunes, I’m not curled in my sofa eating ice-cream (yet) because… I’ve got a new toy: my serger!!

The thing is that my lovely boyfriend (let’s call him Mr. SilverLining. And he’s reading this, so I should say again how lovely is he) gave me some financial help so I could buy a serger/overlock. Immediately after it, I started an epic quest for the perfect one! After reading really good things about Brother, Juki and Elna sergers, I was able to find a fantastic deal for the Brother 4234D. And here it is, my friends!

That's my baby!
That’s my baby!

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Me-Made-May’15: Last 2 Weeks & Final thoughts!

Me-Made-May is over! And, as I did with the first two weeks, here are some photos of the garments I wore:

  1. Floral top, with my first raglan sleeves and the nightmare of sewing with chiffon…
  2. Blue skirt: my first handmade garment ever! Is pretty simple, but I didn’t have a sewing machine back then… I hemmed this damn thing by hand!
  3. Kimono: my second handmade garment! Also sewn by hand, but far easier than hemming that freaken skirt…
  4. You’ve already seen this bra, paired with these knickers!
  5. Floral skirt, with the same fabric as the kimono. I made it in my first patternmaking course, which was focused on skirts!
  6. Black pleated pants (from my second patternmaking course!) and the Mallori Lane bra as a crop top: perfect for a night out!


(You can click on each image to enlarge it)

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It’s May already! And I’ve signed up for my first Me-Made-May! For those who aren’t familiar with it, Me-Made May is an initiative created by Zoe, of So Zo…What do you know?: every year she encourages every person, animal or thing who can sew to challenge themselves. During May, they should commit to wear  some garments made by  themselves. How many? It’s up to you (obviously, if you have to wear a uniform to work, you can’t show up wearing a colorful patchwork skirt…)

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In the beginning, there was a blog…

…and someone who was writing it. That “someone” is called Sofía and, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s me. I’ve decided to start this blog so that I could talk about one of my favorites subjects: sewing! And also it would allow me to share whatever knowledge I have, while I also can learn from you. (Besides, who am I trying to fool? I just need to justify the hundreds of hours I spend surrounded by patternmaking paper and fabric scraps.

So, in this blog you’ll find how-to’s, patterns, desperate searchs  for the correct tone of blue, information about what am I sewing and, above all, lots of lacy stuff!

First photo
What did I say? Lacy stuff. Lots of lacy stuff.