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A (slightly modified) Noelle Set!

I’m sure you all know it by now, but just a few days ago Madalynne wrote in her blog my two favourite words in English: FREE PATTERNS! 😉  Yep, she has released for free the Noelle set: a halter bralette and a high-waisted panty pattern, and they both look so stylish and comfy!

I received the pattern earlier because I applied as a pattern tester, so I meant to sew them sooner but… sadly life got in the way and I couldn’t finish them until yesterday. And, of course, I’ve worn the complete set today because I’m super happy of how they turned out!


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Bianca, the shirt that stole my heart!

As you saw in my Me Made May round up, I’ve got several handmade items that have never seen the light on this blog. One of my blog resolutions for this year was to write more posts about my handmade garments, not just about lingerie, so maybe it’s time for me to actually do it! Let’s start with the Bianca shirt, then!

Bianca Shirt – Image via MakeMyLemonade

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Brumby Skirt in Denim

Some time ago I tried a Megan Niesen pattern for the first time: it was the Veronika sirt, a free pattern that I absolutely loved. So I decided to try one of her patterns for sale, the Brumby skirt, because I’ve seen some lovely versions here and here.

The Brumby skirt is a gathered skirt with a contoured waistband and deep pockets, and you can choose 3 different versions (a short, slightly gathered skirt for heavy fabrics, a gathered midi skirt for medium and lightweigh fabrics and a simple gathered skirt without pockets. Continue Reading

My new favourite skirt: the Veronika Skirt

We’re having a really hot summer here in Barcelona, so hot that I gave up wearing jeans about a month ago. And I absolutely love my jeans, btw, but the only things that I’m wearing this summer are dresses and skirts. The problem was that I didn’t have many skirts at the beginning of the summer, so I went to the fabric store and I pretty much bought any lightweight fabric they had, and started transforming them into skirts. I’ve made three so far, and a dress. And maybe I’ll blog about them some day. But today is about sharing with you my greatest skirt-related discovery: the Veronika Skirt pattern, by Megan Nielsen! *applause*

Veronika Skirt
Forget the bad pictures, my boyfriend wasn’t cooperative!

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