Christmas sewing: The satin camisole

Today I present you my first sewing project of the year: a luxury satin camisole! I actually sewed it back in December, but I couldn’t blog about it because… it was a Christmas gift! In Spain, the tradition is to receive presents on January 5th at midnight (or January 6th in the morning, if you have enough patience for that!), so I had to keep it in secret until now 😉


The pattern I used was… actually, it was my homework! I had to draft a body sloper for my Patternmaking course, so I re-used it with some modifications: remove the darts, add extra fullness to the sides and lower the neckline and armholes. Given that the camisole was a special gift, I paid extra attention to detail: the satin fabric is super soft and the pattern is cut on the bias, so the satin drapes beautifully around the body. Also, everything has been sewn with French seams and the camisole is finished with a tiny baby hem.Handstitches

I’m also super proud of the hand stitches I made for keeping the lace trim in place. Aren’t they cute? I’m in the way of improving my hand sewing abilities, so that’s a start! But the part that I enjoyed the most was turning the spaghetti straps: I discovered this bobby pin trick on Seamwork and it was like magic!


So, once the camisole was done, I had to make some flirty tap pants to go with it… and I sewed them at the last minute and forgot to take pictures! Oh, the tragedy! But I can assure you that the proud recipient of the pants (and camisole) was really happy with the set! 😉

Do you like giving or receiving handmade presents? If so, what are your favourite handmade presents? I need some inspiration for the next Christmas! 🙂



    1. Thanks Maddy!! ^^ My mum loved it! And yes, you should try some satin loungewear! After sewing this, I’m thinking about making another set for myself too. It’s so glamurous to go around the house dressed in satin…! 😉

  1. What a beauty!!!! I fell in love with it 🙂 And the bobby pin trick is great as well as the other tips.
    Well, for this Christmas I made a quiet book for my niece, but no lingerie, because I wanted to practice, but next Christmas I’ll definitely make a lot of stuff 🙂

    1. Thank you Freyja!! 🙂 I’m sure your niece enjoyed the book you made for her, there’s always something special in receiving a handmade present! And, of course, I encourage you to try sewing lingerie for next Christmas. It’s a great present, either if you give it to someone else or if you keep it as a present to yourself! 😉

      1. I sewed plenty of lingerie in the last couple months, currently Iam ‘mastering’ some self drafted patterns, haha 🙂
        If you want to see, they are on my blog:

        Today I’m gonna finish a cami+panties set 🙂

        1. I love your blog!! I’m already following it in Bloglovin 😉 I really enjoyed reading it, and I absoluely understand you when you write about how difficult is to get sewing and bra-making supplies in Hungary. The same thing happens to me in Spain! 🙁

          Your last projects are so lovely, as well as your cami+panties set. I can’t wait to see what you make next! 🙂

          1. Muchas gracias, Sofia! 🙂
            You are such a doll.
            Sometimes I feel like we should make a European Lingerie making Association for all the struggling bramakers! And make a source list about European sources 🙂

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