Corset October: Corset Belt & Future Plans!

During the month of October, Erin will be hosting Corset October at her blog so, if you haven’t already, go and check the beautiful submissions of last week! 😛 And today I’m going to show you my submission for this week: my very first corset!

I made it as a ‘corsetry warm-up’, because I was so afraid of making a ‘real’ corset, and I had no idea if the supplies I’d picked were right. Well, more than picking up supplies, I should say that I hunted them! They were so hard to find! Some words like ‘busk’ or ‘coutil’ don’t translate into Spanish, so sometimes I had to sketch them when I was asking at different stores. But, finally, I found everything in one of my favourite shops for lingerie supplies, Cotillería Mercé. Hurrah!

JustMadeCorset Belt
Corset Belt, fresh out of the machine!

This corset belt is a free pattern made by Scarlett, who also sells other gorgeous patterns. After trying this one, I want to buy all of them!! This pattern is really well drafted and it fit me perfectly.

I made the inner layer of this corset belt out of cotton twill, and for the outer layer I used black heavy cotton for the front and back. The side panels are made of some scraps of an upholstery fabric that I used some time ago to make a purse for my mum. I’d have liked to try and match the print at the side seams, but I had barely enough fabric to cut the panels, so… let’s leave pattern matching for another time!

CorsetBeltOpenThe rest of the materials are the same ones that Scarlett recommends at her tutorial: 10 spiral steel bones, 4 flat steel bones for the back, bias for the bone casing and a package of 5mm eyelets (I used Prym’s, which come with a little setting tool. There’s a youtube tutorial on how to insert them into the fabric and it seems ridiculously easy. I tell you: IT ISN’T. I had to hammer these little bastards on for a while).

Corset BeltMy waist measurement is about 24 ½” and I made UK size 10, which is supposed to provide a 2” waist reduction, with a 2” lacing gap. My lacing gap is a little wider, about 2 ½” (I wanted to breathe inside the corset!), so the waist reduction is less dramatic, but still pretty amazing to me!

Isn't it glamorous?
Isn’t it glamorous?

And my thoughts about this are… that I absolutely love corset making!! I still have many things to learn about it, but I plan to do many more corsets! 😛 Initially I thought about making this corset belt and then an underbust corset for Corset October, but now I think that I’ll be extending Corset October for a while 😉 I won’t be able to sew much the following weeks because I have like 2 billion of assignments (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, it’s more like a million) but after that I plan to make an underbust corset (probably Scarlett’s Angel or the Harlot Suspender corset) and one or two overbusts: the first one will be one of Ralph Pink’s corset patterns, and I have yet to decide the second one.

Any recommendations for corset patterns? Are you jumping in for Corset October? 😉



  1. Love this! It’s so stunning and perfect with that dress! I love corset making too- it’s crazy how it can be so different from bras- it’s nice to mix it up a little 🙂

  2. Wow!! How beautiful, you look amazing in the photo and it’s a beautiful corset belt! Can’t wait to see the next corset you make 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mrs Weaver!! I’m blushing! ^^ I’m having so much fun making corsets, and seeing your beautiful creations every week is so inspiring! 🙂

      1. Thanks Sofia! Corset making is so addictive. I haven’t made any using Ralph Pink’s patterns yet, so am greatly looking forward to your corset make using it and your review of the pattern.

  3. It really is stunning on you! I’m not a fan of corsets, but seeing all the October corsets, beautiful like yours, makes me think I have to try one myself 😀

    1. Thank you, Ana!! You should definitely try to sew a corset, they’re so fun! This pattern is great for absolute corset-beginners like me and it’s easy to wear, so maybe it could be a good place to start 😉

    1. Thanks, Maddy!! 🙂 Your first corset is really pretty, and I can’t wait to see your second one! Your fabric choices are always amazing, as well as your good luck finding bargains in the remnant bin! 😉

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