Holidays in Stockholm: Fabric shopping!

I’ve just returned from my summer holidays in Stockholm, and I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries 😉 First, you should know that Stockholm is an AMAZING city! I really enjoyed my time there, even if the weather was quite cold, compared to the burning hell we have in Barcelona! Apart from walking around the city, I also visited some museums, and my favourites were the Fotografiska (Photography Museum), the Historiska (History Museum, with lots of Viking stuff!) and the Vasa (a museum built around a huge 17th Century ship). Of course, I also fell in love with almost every designer shop I saw, and I discovered some Swedish clothing brands like Filippa K or & Other Stories, which made my student budget cry really hard. 😉

But I also had some time to dedicate to my fabric addiction, so I visited some fabric shops. Here they are!



This is a lovely shop, located in one of the commercial streets of Stockholm. The woman at the shop was very friendly, and they have a great selection of fabrics (including a lot of silk and some truly beautiful lace!). They didn’t have many stretch fabrics, though, only a small selection of knits. This shop was a bit pricier compared to others, but they had high quality stuff!



This is a huge and luxurious shopping center (I spent an embarrassing amount of time striking poses in front of the golden mirrors at the elevator), and it has a fabric section at one of the highest floors. Mostly they had printed cotton, but there were also some knits, laces and satin. Which I liked the most was the selection of designer fabrics, and also the price, that was a bit cheaper than Sidencarlson.



This was, by far, the biggest fabric shop I visited in Stockholm: it has 2 floors, each one completely filled up with all kinds of fabric (even stretch lace and lycra!). They also sell sewing accessories, like threads and dress forms, and some household goods like cushions or towels. And the prices were quite cheap, because a lot of the fabric was on sale! (The red sign on the picture above, the one with the words “Tyg Rea”, means “Fabric Sale”. Some of the most beautiful words ever! 😉 )



Simbra SIden

This is a pretty little shop specialized on silk fabrics of the greatest quality. I fell in love with their beautiful embroidered laces… but sadly the price tag wasn’t so beautiful! They also sell books and materials for painting on silk. I loved the idea!

That’s the end of my trip, and the end of this post! I’ve really enjoyed my holidays in Stockholm, and I’d be really glad to hear your thoughts about this city! Have you visited other cool places this summer? 🙂



  1. I’m so jealous! This looks amazing. I would love to do a fabric shopping tour of Europe- one day I will! Until then I can dream it through your posts! 🙂 I’d love to see a haul from all your holiday shopping! 🙂

    1. Oh, now I regret not having bought any fabric during all the trips I made before I started sewing! The only solution I see is… to repeat all those trips! 😉
      But I’m jealous of you too: it’s so easy to buy lingerie supplies in Canada! I don’t even know the Spanish name of most of the materials I’m using because they don’t exist here… I definitely should start saving money now, so I could pay a visit to your shop in the future! 😛

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