How-To: Paint on Fabric II

As you remember, in the last post we talk about the supplies we need to paint our own fabric. Now that we’ve got them, we’re ready to start!

First, we should pre-wash the fabric without softener, so the paint could stick on properly to it. For better results, some fabric paint makers recommend applying Fabric Medium or Transparent Medium to the fabric before painting, or ironing it afterwards. However, the paint I’m using works pretty well without adding anything.

Before jumping on the fabric and start your artwork, I‘d advise you to try the painting on a scrap first.

Warning! Once we’d chosen our fabric, we should place it over a piece of plastic or kitchen paper, so it won’t stick to the table while we are painting. Then, we put a few drops of paint over a plastic tray. A little goes a long way!


Now, we mix some paint and water and try it on the fabric. We can add more paint or water until we like the results, keeping in mind that more water means a clearer color, but also a harder-to-control brushstroke.


As you see in the next photo, the paint has spread quickly over the stripped fabric, while the blue one has hold the strokes better. One little trick is that, when you create your design, you could trace a few guidelines in pencil to help you to be more precise. Also, if you use a semi-sheer fabric, you could draw the design and place it under the cloth.

PS: Pay attention to the blue fabric: is a sneak-a-peek of the next project!

That’s all! And you? Would you paint your own fabric?


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  1. Muy interesante, Sofía! Voy a comprar los materiales para experimentar este fin de semana.
    Ya te contaré los resultados.
    Un abrazo

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