I’m Back!

Hello there! It’s been a little while since my last post, isn’t it? Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’m alive and ready to pick up this blog again! 😉

Maybe some of you wonder where I’ve been, so here’s the story: back in May I was offered an amazing opportunity for an internship as a patternmaker in a small design studio in Barcelona. It was supposed to last until the end of July, but it extended for all summer until my classes started… and then I had the possibility of working there til December, and I was having such a great time that I said yes! It didn’t occur to me that going to class for nearly 7 hours and then working about 4 hours more in the design studio could be juuust a bit exhausting… But when the time came and I was about to finish, I ended up working there for another month, until the end of January. Yes, I might be suffering a severe case of the Stockholm syndrome 😉

I'm Back

Aside from that, I’ve had the opportunity to work for some important brands in Barcelona and I’ve learnt A LOT in these past few months. I love the people I’ve worked with and it’s been a wonderful experience for me, not only in the professional but also in the personal area. If you ever have the opportunity of doing an internship while you’re studying, by all means, DO IT.

So, long story short, my afternoons are free now and I just want to SEW ALL THE THINGS! 🙂 Also, I’m in a very exciting point in my studies as well, because I’m preparing my final project! I’ll be writing a whole post about it soon, but I can tell you that it involves designing a collection and sewing some of the pieces on it. I’m currently in the “toile” stage (in fact, tomorrow I’m going to try the dress with the model for the first time! Isn’t that exciting??!!), so wish me luck! 😛

And now that I have more free time I’m catching up with all the amazing things that are happening right now in the bra-making community: I’m sure you’ve all listened to the Lingerie Month interviews at the Maker Style Podcast. Seriously, they’re the best!! Yesterday I listened to the interview to the lovely Emerald Erin and it was so interesting! And today I’m planning to listen to the one about Amy from Cloth Habit, who is one of my favourite bra-bloggers of all times! Also, she just released her Harriet bra pattern and I can’t wait to make it. So, I’m going to stop writing right now and I’m giving my full attention to the Maker Style podcast! 😉

See you soon!



  1. So excited to have you back ! I’m sure your internship was wonderful ! I’m just getting ready to apply for summer research at my college, so I can imagine how exciting it was for you !

    1. Thanks, Rachel!! I love your podcast, you have the most interesting guests! I’ve really enjoyed the Lingerie Month and, also, it’s so good for practicing my English 😉

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