Lace Half Cup Bra (+ Tutorial!)

Hi everybody! I’ve been missing for quite a long time, right? I’ve been working like crazy on my final project to get my patternmaking graduate, but now it’s finished at last! I’ll show you my final garments (a dress and a hand embroidered cape!), as soon as I get decent pictures of them 😉 But, for now, you’ll have to settle for… yes, another bra!

This one is a half-cup bra based on my previous vertical seam bra, but if you like this shape I think it’s fairly easy to get it from the well-known Harriet pattern. Usually, a half cup bra has a fairly low neckline, sometimes low enough to barely conceal the nipples. In my vertical seam pattern, I’ve lowered the height of the cups until they almost reached the bust point (that is, I lowered the neckline about 2.5cm). If you’re modifying the Harriet, you could leave out the upper cup portion and adjust the height of the remaining two cup pieces, until you’re comfortable with the portion of skin that you’re revealing. You can lower the height of the bridge accordingly, but keep in mind that you’ll need shorter wires.

The bra is made with lace, it has powernet wings and it’s lined with the super-soft foam I bought from the English Couture Company. The golden hardware (rings and sliders) is from Elise Patterns, and I couldn’t be happier with them! Don’t they look luxurious? 😉 The rest of the supplies are from a local shop.

This bra, being a half-cup bra, gives just enough coverage but it’s fairly supportive thanks to the foam lining. Also, the shape of the strap attachment at the sides helps to gather the tissue on the sides and pull it forward, which is one of my favourite features of the Harriet pattern. So, it’s a really comfortable bra and I really like the shape it gives me.

I’ve added two straps made of fold over elastic above the cups, because right now I’m totally in love with the strappy trend happening in lingerie and fashion 😛 I inserted these straps before I sewed the channelling to the cups, so they’re well secured on the centre of the bra. I’ve threaded the free end of the straps to the ring at the side of the cups, and secured them with a bartack. I really like the look of them, I believe they make this design a little bit more edgy and fun! Perfect date night bra, don’t you think? 😉


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