Lacy Longline Bra: I feel like Marie Antoinette, and I like it!

Well, some time ago I talked about Kristina Shin’s patternmaking book and the first bra I made using her method. The bra was OK: it fit, it was more or less nice, but… it was missing something: it was missing glamour! French Rococo glamour! Marie Antoinette glamour! It was missing lace and flowers and bows! So I had to do something about it: I bought some white stretch lace paired it with pink powermesh and a black bow… and suddenly I discovered that minimalism is completely overrated. Longline Marie Antoinette-style bras are the best bras!

I made some minor adjustments to the pattern I used for my previous bra, like choosing the right wires, for a start: I’ve realized that the wires of that bra were a size smaller, and it really makes a difference on the fit! I also extended the band to make it a longline, and this time I used cut-and-sew foam for the cups. That’s when I had to get creative, because I was unable to source anything like seam tape or sheer cup lining to cover up the cup seams (Have I mentioned how difficult is to source lingerie supplies in Barcelona??! Yes, I mentioned it like a hundred times). So I used some satin ribbon I had in my stash, and the results aren’t so bad! It isn’t professional-looking, but at least it’s soft to the skin.

This isn’t proper bra-making. I’m such a rebel! 😉

And now I have to tell you a secret: it’s the best fitting bra I’ve made, but it isn’t my favourite because of that. It’s my favourite because it’s made of lace, and because the colours are so cheesy that it reminds me of a wedding cake, and because the longline shape is totally unnecessary but I still like it! I’m quite a practical person and I’ve never worn such a superfluous piece of clothing before, but I have to confess that I LOVE that feeling! 😉

Oh, yes! Bring me some cake!


  1. Absolutely adore this – pink, lace and longline are my three favourite things in a bra! I think everyone should have a Marie Antoinette bra…I’m adding one to my to do list now! 🙂

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