How – to: Corinne Panties sewing tutorial!

Today we’re going to sew the Corinne Panties, a free pattern that you can find in my Patterns page. They’re super easy, so let’s sew! 😉

  1. Fabric and supplies
  • Our Corinne pattern!
  • Stretch fabric (cotton jersey, stretch mesh, lace…) = ¼ yd.
  • Some cotton jersey for the crotch lining
  • Fold over elastic = 2 yd.

Cutting Corinnes1

  1. Cutting

Before cutting the fabric, find out the direction of greater stretch, and be sure that it is aligned with the marks on the pattern. Cut with the fabric on fold, and add 1/6” seam allowance:

  1. Sewing crotch seams

We should place the crotch piece under the front piece, right sides together, and then the crotch lining (see the drawing below). Stitch them together or serge.


Now, roll the front piece between the crotch piece and the lining. Align the back piece with the crotch piece, rights sides together, and roll up the crotch lining, joining it with the other two pieces.



Sew the three layers together, like the first crotch seam, and pull out the rolled pieces, turning the crotch seams inside out: they’ll remain hidden!


Amy, from Clothhabit, says that some people call this the “burrito method”! She did also an amazing tutorial about this technique (the order of her steps differs from mine, as she starts joining the back piece first).

  1. Attaching the elastic and closing the side seams 

First, attach the fold over elastic to the leg openings using a zig-zag and the pulling the elastic gently. How much should we pull? It depends on the type and quality of the elastic, but as a basic rule of thumb, you can put an sticky note on your sewing machine, next to the needle. Mark a line 4 cm (about 1” and a half) from there, and then another line 1 cm further (about ½”). Grab the elastic at the first mark and pull it until the second one: that’s, more or less, the right tension!

After that, close one side seam (serge it, or use a medium zig-zag or overlock stitch). Apply the elastic to the waist opening and close the remaining seam.

We’re done!

Easy, right? You can ask me anything on the comments section below, and be ready: next week we’ll sew a new variation of the Corinnes!



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