How – to: Corinnes – Second variation!

Today we’re going to alter our Corinne pattern to get this version:

On the front side, it’s like the classic version, but… the surprise is on the back! It has two strips of elastic lace, joined together by a bow.

  1. Pattern modification + cutting

First, draw a line on the back piece and cut it. Then, add 1/6” seam allowance to the pieces:

Corinne variation2scaled

Now cut the rest of the pieces like we did with the classic Corinnes. Cut two of these new back pieces, and two stripes of lace.

Fur cutting the lace, align the pattern piece with the lower part of the scalloped edge, or 1/6” down if you prefer more coverage. At any case, be sure to place a mark that indicates the edge of your pattern: we’ll sew these pieces together according to that mark. Also, be sure that both pieces of lace are symmetrical.

  1. Sewing the back

Sew both pieces of lace to the matching back piece, using overlock or zig-zag. Then overlap the lace, matching the marks you made before, and stitch them together. If you like, you can also sew a bow in the middle to keep the opening closed.


The back piece is completed! Now, follow the same steps for sewing the classic Corinnes, and that’s it!

CorinnesOuvert Corinnesouvert2

PS: Can you see that the waist opening is finished in two different ways? Next week we’ll see different finishes for our Corinnes, and we’ll sew a third variation of them!


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