Meet Angerboda: My new Sewing Machine!

Fear not, my friends: I haven’t been kidnapped or abduced by aliens. I just was on holidays! When I returned from Stockholm, I had to visit my parents, grandparents and uncles, each one of them living on a different city! But now… I’m back!!

I managed to sew a couple of things the few days I’ve been at home, but none of them being lingerie… because the shop where I buy all my supplies is closed until September! *cries* I ran out of channeling and strap elastic, and I couldn’t find them on any other shop in Barcelona, so I’ll have to wait some more time to finish my last makes and blog about them. But, in the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to… Angerboda, my new machine!

Bernette Fun Style
Say ‘Hi’, Angerboda!

She is a Bernette Fun Style and it’s my birthday present. At first I didn’t like her, because I’d been doing some sewing machine research on the internet and I’d fallen in love with an Elna 240 or 340, but I changed my mind after trying them. I wanted something simple, yet sturdy, available at my local dealer and definitely NOT a Singer. Why? Well, because my previous machine was a Singer and it broke after using it for less than a year (I’m not saying all Singer machines are bad quality, just mine, but just in case I didn’t want to have the same experience twice). Also, the official Singer technical service in Barcelona is awful. They have a shop called Singeriomar, where they sell Singer machines and are supposed to repair them. But they never fixed mine. They did charge me a lot and they gave me the WORST customer service EVER. I won’t go into more details, because I don’t want to write the really nasty words I was thinking when everything happened. I’m such a good girl 😉

Anyway, some friends had recommended me a local sewing machine shop called J. Martínez, and I went there. The girl, Anna, was super-friendly and nice and suggested me some machines on my price range (the Elnas were among them, but also the Bernette) and let me try them. I brought some of the most slippery lingerie fabrics I own and tested both the Elnas and the Bernette…. but only the Bernette passed the test! I didn’t like how the Bernette looked, it was too big and too red and too chunky, but the stitches were flawless!

Bernette Stitches
Angerboda’s stitches

So, I took the Bernette home and named her Angerboda, just like the Viking giantess (I’ve watched too many Vikings episodes lately, don’t judge me). She’s a basic machine, but I really like the quality of the stitches and how sturdy she feels. She’s as heavy as my overlock!

I’ve made some knickers, a Veronika skirt and a denim skirt with my lovely Angerboda, and everything has turned out just fine. I don’t think I’ll need to upgrade my machine in a veeery long time, because Angerboda has everything I want! Yes, I’ve sewn with a high-end Bernina once, in a sewing course, and it was like a dream, but I don’t really need a machine with 600 stitches and embroidery patterns because I’m just as happy using three (straight stitch, zig-zag and three step zig-zag). Of course, even if I don’t really need them, it would be nice to have all the extras that higher-end machines offer, like a touchscreen, memory function or just the simple needle up/down button… A girl can still dream about thousands dollars sewing machines, right? 😛

And what about you? What sewing machine do you use? Which high-end machine features could make you jealous? I’d love to know!



  1. At the basic sewing course I had the chane to try this machine 🙂 There were Necchi 215A-L and Bernina Fun Style. I really liked Bernina, but for financial reason I ended up buying Necchi, and I think it’s a pretty reliable machine as well.

    Of course I felt Bernina was a much more sophisticated machine, but all I need as you do are zig-zag, 3 step zig zag and straight stitches 🙂

    One thing I want to buy in the future, next year, an overlock machine, but that’s a totally different story….

    1. I’m happy to hear that you had good experience with this machine! I’ve never tried a Necchi, I think the’re fairly uncommon in Spain, but they seem to be quite good as well. I’m sure you’ll sew fantastic things with it! 🙂

      I own an overlock and I can say that it isn’t completely necessary to own one for sewing, but they really make a difference! The finished garments look so much more professional 😉 My overlock is a Brother 4234D and it’s been really good so far (It was a gift, so I didn’t need to worry about the cost! 😀 )This brand makes more affordable overlocks too, and they seem realible as well.

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