My (delayed) Me-Made-May Round up! (Part I)


Hi there! It’s been a while since you heard of me, isn’t it? 😉 I remember posting about Me-Made-May and saying that I would participate in the challenge, but…. Where did my blog posts go? They got lost in the middle of exams, homework and actual work. So, did I participate in the Me Made May challenge? Well, yes and no: yes, I’ve been wearing my handmade clothes, 4 of them each week, but no, I didn’t post a single photo! (and doesn’t mean that I didn’t took them!) But now my exams are over and I’ve just started the first week of my summer holydays, which means… more time for blogging! Yay! So, let’s catch up with my Me-Made-May round-up!

First week:

  • I wore this lacy plunge bra and also a handmade pair of dotted knickers, under a RTW shirt and my favourite jeans.
  • This black pencil skirt was one of my very first makes! It’s so simple, but I was so proud of it 😉 I paired it with the cutest kitty T-shirt I own
  • Although at the beginning of May the weather was still a bit chilly, it was warm enough to wear my Veronika skirt!

 Second week

  • The Oslo Cardigan has been a staple in my wardrobe since I made it! Actually I planned to blog about it a long time ago, but I always get distracted by other projects (ahem, lingerie!) Perhaps now is the time…
  • This shirt is the Bianca pattern, by a French company called Wear My Lemonade. All of their patterns look so fun and chic! The shirt was really easy to make, and the heart shaped pocket is my favourite feature, of course 😉
  • My satin bra with a seamed power bar is one of my favourite bras ever! I feel so glamorous when I wear it, specially when I pair it with my high waist satin knickers.

And these are the me-made garments I wore on the first two weeks of May! What do you think about them? 😛 Come back tomorrow if you want to see the second part of the round up!


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