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I’ve been a very bad blogger recently: I haven’t published in a month! I’ve had an insanely busy summer and, although I’ve sewn quite some things, I haven’t had the time (or, sometimes, the internet connection…) to post about them. BUT… I’ve been working on this blog, even if you couldn’t see that until now! 😉

I changed my blog design, because I was growing a bit tired of it and, more importantly, because I felt that I had to do something about the whole bilingual blog thing: seeing the two languages at once could be confusing and it made my posts look extra long!

Finally, and thanks to the sweet Réka from RedHeels (who has changed her blog design as well and it’s lovely, btw!) I found a plugin called Polylang that allowed me to display my site in two different languages (English and Spanish). Now you can choose your preferred language at the top of the blog. Easy, right? 😛

With the help of my boyfriend, who knows all the tech stuff, I also updated some other things like the “About” page (now it’s a widget at the right side of the blog) and changed the blog layout to give more importance to the images. Because, what’s the point of a lingerie blog if you can’t see lots and lots of beautiful lace? 😉 Now I hope that the new design is easier to navigate and more pleasing to the eye. And of course, I plan to fill it with lots of new posts very soon!

What do you think about it? Do you like the new blog design? I’d love to hear your feedback!



  1. I love the new look Sofía! I definitely feel like blogging has gotten a bit away from me of late, I’ve been sewing lots but too busy to take any photos! I’m going to try and rectify that soon though haha. Looking forward to seeing some of your makes on the blog soon! 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Maddy!! I definitely understand you, I feel that I couldn’t be busier right now! I’ll try to keep up with posting weekly, but we’ll see if I actually succeed! 😉 Good luck with your university classes! xo

  2. Very beautiful new look, and very clever about the polylang. Do you write everything in both languages or does it translate for you?

    1. Thank you Jannie!! Yes, I write everything in English and in Spanish. I wish the polylang translated the posts for me! Actually I think there’s a way to automatically translate any post, but I’ve read that the results are a bit catastrophic… Lol!

  3. I LOVE your new design, it looks so clean and elegant! I might be in the middle of changing things around on my blog- and it’s always so hard after you get used to one blog to switch over to a new one- but I think it’s way overdue for me! And don’t feel bad at all of taking a little more time away from the blog over the summer- I find that always happens to me- there are just too many fun things to do in the fresh air- before it gets crazy snowy here! XO

    1. Thanks Erin!! ^^ I’m really happy about how the new blog design has turned out! 🙂 And if you’re thinking about changing your blog as well, I totally recommend it! The whole redesign experience makes you see your blog with new eyes,it’s really refreshing. Also, there are tons of great free blog themes out there. I got mine by subscribing to the Creative Market newsletter, and then I kept my boyfriend chained to my computer until he made all the modifications I wanted. Boyfriends deserve to feel useful, right? 😉

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