New Year’s Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone!! ^^ I hope you had a wonderful holyday! I had a great time, I travelled a lot to visit all my family and I got amazing presents! Some of them are related to sewing, so maybe you’ll see them here in a few days… 😛 But now it’s time to work again, go to the university, make some homework, study some exams… Oh boy! I want to stay in bed hugging my pillow! But no, I don’t want to think about that. I prefer to start the new year thinking about… sewing! And, of course, blogging! So, these are my Blog Resolutions for 2016:


1. Publish new posts more often

I’m sure you’ve noted that the frequency of my posts in the past months has been quite sparse, right? Well, it’s been due to my academic responsibilities, and to the many travels I’ve made during the holidays in order to visit my family (which is spread across almost every part of Spain!). But had I been more organized, I could have scheduled some posts in advance. So, in this New Year I promise myself to be more foresighted and write a new post every week!

2. Blog more about all my sewing projects, not only about the lingerie related ones!

No, my wardrobe doesn’t consist of bras and knickers only! 😉 I love sewing lingerie, but I also sew other things. However, my dressmaking projects rarely make it through the blog, and I think that the main reason is simply that… I’m too shy in front of the camera! While bras can be photographed lying on a table and they look perfectly fine, a dress looks much better modelled by a person. But as much as this particular person (me!) hates taking pictures of herself, I’m committed to try this year. 🙂

3. Release some free patterns

I’ve always wanted to share my self-drafted patterns with every other sewist that could be interested in them. But first I needed to grade and digitalize them, and that takes a lot of time! Nevertheless I’ve been studying a professional patternmaking course since September, so now I know some tools and tricks to make that task easier and more accurate. To make a long story short, do expect some freebies in the next few months! 😉

That’s all! I like to keep it simple 🙂 But how about you? What are your New Year Resolutions? I’d love to know!



  1. Do you have a dress form? You could use one for your photos. That was you aren’t pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone for photos.

    1. Hi Stacy! Yes, I do have a dress form and I’m planing to use it to take some pictures of my garments, at least until I loose my fear to the camera! 😉 Thank you for your suggestion! 🙂

  2. Great resolutions! I’ve been trying to be organised lately with scheduled posts and I feel like it’s really paid off – and hopefully it will help me keep posting when uni starts back (in only three weeks!). I’d love to see more of your non-lingerie projects, I do hope you start taking the plunge and posting them more 🙂 and freebies! How exciting 😀 I’m really hoping to do a pattern drafting course of some kind this year, they sound so great – but in the mean time, I can’t wait to see more of what you come up with!

    1. Thanks, Maddy! Yes, definitely scheduled posts are the way to go when university homework starts to pile up 😉 I have a whole bunch of non-lingerie projects waiting to take some photos of them (and of me wearing them!) but the weather is being quite horrible and dull this week… I hope it gets better by the weekend so I can start losing my fear to the camera! 😛
      And I absolutely recommend taking a pattern drafting course! Even if you aren’t planing to draft a lot of patterns (there are many great commercial patterns already), it’ll really help you to understand them better and it’ll allow you to make alterations easely. Go for it! 🙂

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