New Year’s Sewing Resolutions

As with my Blog Resolutions, I believe that the best way to start a New Year is thinking about the things you love and enjoy. So, I’ve decided to write down my sewing resolutions for this year. Will I stick to them? We’ll see! 😉

Sewing resolutions 2016

1. Learn some new techniques

I’m starting to feel more confident with my sewing, so I should try more difficult projects and techniques. I’d love to sew a dress with a boned bodice or maybe a delicate garment that requires some hand stitching!

2. Try some projects “out of my comfort zone”

I really want to sew a coat but I’m so frightened by them! Also, I’ve never sewn a pair of jeans for the exactly same reason and I think that it’s about time to try. And the Closet Case Ginger Jeans look sooooo appealing… 😛

3. Iron the seams!

This is a really bad habit that I have due to my lingerie sewing obsession: you don’t need to iron when you’re sewing lingerie, so I usually forget to iron my other sewing projects too! But ironing is one of the most important parts of sewing, and it really changes the look of the garments, so… it’s a must!

4. Keep my sewing room tidy

I’ve just finished organizing my sewing room under the auspice of Marie Kondo’s famous book! I’ve promised myself that it has to remain that way for the rest of the year. This is the hardest resolution of all!
My Sewing Room

These are my four sewing resolutions for this year, and I hope I can accomplish them all! If you have any tips for making it easier, please do tell! 😉 And, of course, I’d love to hear your own sewing resolutions!



    1. I hope I can accomplish them! I know I’ll have to struggle with the tidying one, but at least I’m committed to try really hard! So… Yeah, good luck to us both! 😛

  1. Haha, nice to know Im not the only one who is messy in the sewing room! I always think about organizing, at least I got a cute drawer to organie and seperate fabrics from my husband, but the patterns.. gosh!

    For like my 5th project I wanted to make jacket, a tweed jacket! Using Burda pattern. It was horrible! When i attached the lining it was a mess and God, it fitted so wrong! Lol. I think Im gonna stick to lingerie sewing for a while now because its so girly and delicate and special… but i wish i could make jeans or nice coats or some dresses! I tried but didnt master them.

    1. Keeping everything tidy in the sewing room is the hardest! Right now I’m trying a new system for organizing my patterns and I think it’s working, maybe I’ll write a post about it soon. It might be helpful for other messy seamstresses! 😉

      Burda patterns are sooo confusing! I really like some designs and I’ve made a couple of them, but the instructions are always so difficult to follow. When I want to sew a more complicated garment, I prefer to buy a pattern made by an indie company: the instructions tend to be much clearer!

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