Next stop in the Lingerie Journey: Panties!

Since my bra drawer is growing bigger every day, the panties drawer started to get jealous. Solution: fill up this drawer too! And, given that during my entire existence I’ve only had 3 matching bra & panty sets, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and stop this catastrophe, right?


So, the past weekend I’ve made not one, not two, but three panties! Yay! Two of them match the bras that you’ve seen, and the other will match an upcoming bra (which will remain unfinished for the next 2 weeks, because Miss Jenny, my sewing machine, is at the machine doctor… *sigh*)

Anita panty, back
Anita panty, back

The first panty matches the Anita bra, so I’ve used the same lace and elastic trim for the waist (the pattern is the Corinne, with the addition of the little opening on the back). I’ve used a different elastic for the leg openings, some sort of “piping” elastic which I’ve found pretty curious.

Satin high waist panties, back

The second one is my favorite, and it matches my satin bra. I’ve used, however, the same elastic trim as the Anita because… it’s just so adorable!! I couldn’t help myself!. This design is also my first step into the world of high waist panties. I’ve seen them a lot in lingerie blogs and shops, but I thought that this style was more suitable for my grandma than for me… And I was wrong! My life has changed! They are comfortable, classy and sexy, and the waist line doesn’t show under close-fitting dresses!

Red bow high waist panty, back
Red bow high waist panty, back

I was so excited that I decided to make a second pair, using the same pattern but changing the back. This become my third design, which features the same lace as the Anita, but combined with red elastics and closed with a bow at the back .

That’s all! Do you like high waist panties or you leave them for your grandmas? And, the most important, do you think I could survive 2 weeks without my sewing machine??



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