All About Power Bars (III): Drafting And Sewing The External Power Bar

Hi there! Here I go again with the power bar series! You can read the first part of this series here, where I explain what are power bars and what are they used for, and the second part is here, where you can learn to draft and sew an internal power bar! Today, let’s focus on the external power bar:


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The Ballerina Bra

Hi there! It’s been some time since I last posted a me-made bra, and I felt that I had to do something about it! 😉 But don’t worry, the next post in my Power Bar series will be up next Monday (here you can read Part I and Part II if you haven’t yet!).

So, on to my new bra! This one is called the Ballerina Bra for obvious reasons: all that gathered tulle makes me think about a ballerina’s tutu, don’t you agree? 😉 This time I decided to do something more special and fancier than my regular bras, maybe I’m inspired by Spring!


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All About Power Bars (II): Drafting & Sewing an Internal Power Bar

Hi there! If you remember the first post of this series,  you already know what power bars are and why do we use them. In the next posts we’re going to see how to draft and sew the different types of power bars, using a basic bra pattern as our basis. Today’s post will cover the drafting, cutting and sewing of the internal power bar. Let’s begin! 😉

Drafting the Internal power bar

This type of power bar is the easiest to draft: simply, draw a straight line from the strap attachment on your bra pattern, down to the lower cup of the bra. It could end almost wherever you want, but it should not go past the notch that is usually below the apex of the bra (See the images below).


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All about Power Bars (I)

If you’ve been reading my last bra-making posts, you’d have noticed that I’ve used a lot of “power bars”. But, what exactly are they? Well, I must confess that I didn’t know that these things had a proper name until some months ago, when I took the Beverly Johnson’s Craftsy Class. With the help of that class and some books I learned what are power bars or slings, what are they used for and which types of power bars could you find.  Today I’ll introduce you the “power bar concept” and, in the next post, we’ll have some fun drafting the different types of power bars 😉 So, let’s begin!

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Brumby Skirt in Denim

Some time ago I tried a Megan Niesen pattern for the first time: it was the Veronika sirt, a free pattern that I absolutely loved. So I decided to try one of her patterns for sale, the Brumby skirt, because I’ve seen some lovely versions here and here.

The Brumby skirt is a gathered skirt with a contoured waistband and deep pockets, and you can choose 3 different versions (a short, slightly gathered skirt for heavy fabrics, a gathered midi skirt for medium and lightweigh fabrics and a simple gathered skirt without pockets. Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day gift: the Soft Kitty Eye Mask! (Free pattern)

Hi everyone! Valetine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to celebrate it with you by releasing a free pattern: the Soft Kitty Eye Mask! 🙂 (Yes, it’s named after the “Soft Kitty” song by Sheldon Cooper, those of you who watch The Big Bang Theory will understand… 😉 I’m a nerdy seamstress!)

It’s a comfy and easy sleep mask with the addition of… cat ears! Of course, you can make it without the cat ears as well but, I mean, CATS! You can download the free pattern right here, clicking on the image below. Let’s sew it together!

Click on the image to get the cutest eye mask!
Click on the image to get the cutest eye mask!

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Cool Lingerie Stuff from around the Web

I don’t usually do this kind of ‘compilation’ posts, but this week I’ve found a lot of great lingerie-related things out there, and I couldn’t resist to share them with you! 🙂

First: the new issue of Seamwork (my favourite monthly sewing magazine) is out, and it’s called “The Intimate Issue” for a reason: it focuses on lingerie and loungewear! I particularly loved the “Behind the Seams” section this month (all about a GORGEOUS vintage silk slip!), and a great article about… corset-making! (with some amazing pictures –Yay!). Also, there’s a really interesting piece about how to make lingerie from fabric straps: it gives some great ideas! Also, the rest of the articles are worth reading too. I always learn new things through Seamwork!

The gorgeous vintage slip from Seamwork!

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