Lingerie Bloggers Interviews: I’m featured!

Special mid-week post today!! Just to tell you that the lovely Réka (who blogs at RedHeels and sews pretty little things) is making a series of interviews to the lingerie bloggers out there, and today I’m the one featured! 🙂 It’s such a honour! *Blush* So, if you’re curious about my story, my beginnings at bra-making or just want to see a silly picture of me, go and check the interview! 😉


The Catrina Skirt

It’s been a long time since I talked about this fabric for the first time. You’ve seen it in my Catrina Bra, where I mentioned that I had made a skirt with it. But, for whatever the reason, I never blogged about that skirt… until now! So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: my Catrina Skirt!

This is a simple two tier gathered skirt that I made using the tutorial by By Hand London. I didn’t modify a single thing, but I added a lining (a simple squared piece of cotton jersey, gathered around the waist) because the fabric is quite sheer. I also finished the hem with an overlocked rolled hem.

Catrina Skirt

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Sewing Plans

I love making to-do lists, but I don’t usually do it with my sewing projects. I like having the freedom to choose what to sew next, but the downside is that I often end up forgetting to make the garments that I really need. So, I’ve decided to write down my sewing plans for this season because this will help me to be more organized with my sewing, but also because it’s always nice to think about exciting new projects. Let’s start with the list! 😉

Sewing Plans

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Christmas sewing: The satin camisole

Today I present you my first sewing project of the year: a luxury satin camisole! I actually sewed it back in December, but I couldn’t blog about it because… it was a Christmas gift! In Spain, the tradition is to receive presents on January 5th at midnight (or January 6th in the morning, if you have enough patience for that!), so I had to keep it in secret until now 😉


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New Year’s Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone!! ^^ I hope you had a wonderful holyday! I had a great time, I travelled a lot to visit all my family and I got amazing presents! Some of them are related to sewing, so maybe you’ll see them here in a few days… 😛 But now it’s time to work again, go to the university, make some homework, study some exams… Oh boy! I want to stay in bed hugging my pillow! But no, I don’t want to think about that. I prefer to start the new year thinking about… sewing! And, of course, blogging! So, these are my Blog Resolutions for 2016:


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New wardrobe staple: The plunge bra!

Resulta que existe un tipo de sujetador que se llama “plunge bra”, y nosotros sin enterarnos! Bueno, enterarnos sí que nos habíamos enterado, lo que no sabíamos es que tenía nombre propio y todo. Lo de “plunge bra” no tiene una traducción directa, al menos que yo sepa, pero se refiere a cierto tipo de sujetadores que son más bajos en su parte central, como si tuvieran más escote. Algo como esto (que, como podéis comprobar, no tiene ningún nombre especial en la tienda), mientras que un sujetador normal sería éste.

Para hacer este tipo de sujetadores se necesitan aros distintos, bastante más cortos que los aros normales, y que son prácticamente imposibles de encontrar a menos que los pidas en webs extranjeras. Casualmente, yo tenía un sujetador de este tipo que estaba a punto de jubilar, así que me vino estupendo para aprovechar los aros y también el lacito del centro. ¡Aquí no se tira nada! 😛

It turns out that some of my favourite RTW bras are plunge bras, and that’s funny because in Spanish we don’t have a proper translation for the term “Plunge bra”! We just call them “bras”, or if you want to be really really specific, “bras with a low neckline”. Anyway, some of my plunge RTW bras are now a bit old, so I thought it could be a good idea to make a new one!

I re-used the underwires of one of my old plunge bras and I suspect that they are a bit smaller than my current bra size (the original bra had the size tag removed, so I can only guess), therefore the new bra feels slightly small on the cups. But it’s still perfectly wearable and quite comfortable, so… not bad for a first plunge bra! 😛

Para hacer el patrón, utilicé mi patrón de sujetador con costuras verticales y lo modifiqué tal y como explica Erin en su tutorial. Es muy fácil! Como podéis ver, está todo hecho con encaje elástico negro, forrado con malla de nailon para estabilizar la parte central. Para reducir un poco la elasticidad de las copas he usado tul elástico (si queréis saber más sobre cómo forrar las copas de un sujetador, Maddy ha escrito un tutorial estupendo sobre ello!). El ribete elástico de la banda está cosido directamente por el revés, para esconder el borde de la malla de nailon, y la parte superior de las copas está acabada con una cinta de encaje elástico que quizá podáis intuir en las fotos. Creedme, está ahí 😉

I used my vertical seam bra pattern and I altered it using Erin’s tutorial. It’s super easy to do! I made the entire bra out of black stretch lace, but I lined the bridge with a sheer nylon net to stabilize it, and the cups are lined with powemesh (If you’d like to know a great method for lining the bra cups, Maddy wrote a fantastic tutorial about that!).  I sewed the bottom band elastic on top of the raw edge of the nylon net, to hide it, and the cups are finished with an elastic lace trim that is very difficult to see in the pictures but, believe me, it’s there 😉

Plunge Bra Back

El resultado ha sido esta monada, que se ha convertido en uno de mis sujetadores favoritos en los últimos días. Se supone que este tipo de sujetadores, al tener el centro más bajo, están diseñados para llevarlos con ropa escotada. Sin embargo, el invierno ha llegado a Barcelona y lo que abunda ahora en mi armario son jerséis de cuello alto de los que hacen que mi abuela se sienta orgullosa. ¿Debería entonces desterrar este sujetador al cajón hasta que llegaran los meses de verano? De eso nada! 😛 También hay que ponerle algo de gracia al armario de invierno, no creéis? 😉

The result is this lacy little bra that I’ve been wearing A LOT this week! Plunge bras are supposed to be worn under tops with a low neckline, but Winter has come to Barcelona and my daily outfit is now based on turtelneck sweaters. Should I leave this bra in the drawer until the warmer months arrive? Absolutely not! 😛  I can’t resist to wear it! And I believe that wearing pretty lacy underwear is a good way to add some fun to the boring Winter clothes, don’t you? 😉

Plunge Bra Detail

The Little Purple Bra

Although my exams aren’t over yet, the most difficult ones have passed, so last week I was able to sneak in some sewing between all the study time. Yay! It had to be a quick project, so corsets are off the table for now (but my second corset is coming in the next few weeks, I promise!). Can you guess what I’ve made? 😉

Look at that gorgeous lace!

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What I’ve learned in Patternmaking School

I told you before that I was going to start a professional fashion and patternmaking course. So, now it’s been a month since it started. I have sooo many assignments and projects to do, which add up to my regular PhD assignments, so I’ve been incredibly busy this last weeks! But I have to tell you that it’s totally worth it. I’m having so much fun!! I’ve learned A LOT of things, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of them with you. Maybe some of you are thinking about taking a course like this, so it could be useful to know what to expect, or maybe you’re just curious… So, here it is!

First, take note that starting a fashion course in any specialty would most likely mean that you’ll find quite peculiar people in your classroom. They may have their hair done at the same hairdresser’s as Helena Bonham-Carter (and she’s amazing, by the way) and they may have tinted it in every colour of the universe, but it’s Ok, they won’t bite you. They’re actually very nice people! 😉

We love you, Helena!

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Corset October: Corset Belt & Future Plans!

During the month of October, Erin will be hosting Corset October at her blog so, if you haven’t already, go and check the beautiful submissions of last week! 😛 And today I’m going to show you my submission for this week: my very first corset!

I made it as a ‘corsetry warm-up’, because I was so afraid of making a ‘real’ corset, and I had no idea if the supplies I’d picked were right. Well, more than picking up supplies, I should say that I hunted them! They were so hard to find! Some words like ‘busk’ or ‘coutil’ don’t translate into Spanish, so sometimes I had to sketch them when I was asking at different stores. But, finally, I found everything in one of my favourite shops for lingerie supplies, Cotillería Mercé. Hurrah!

JustMadeCorset Belt
Corset Belt, fresh out of the machine!

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