Pattern Review: Madalynne’s Mallori Lane

The end of th semester is near, which means… more time studying and less time sewing! That’s why I’m loving easy patterns like this one: Mallori Lane, created by Maddie, queen of delicate bra-making! (Seriously, I’m in love with her blog. Everything is SO stylish!!)

Difficulty and Construction:

The pattern has 3 pieces: cups, front band and back. Every seam is straight stitched or overlocked/zig-zag stitched, and the only special technique needed is knowing how to apply lingerie elastic. So, we may be looking at the best candidate for The Easiest Bra Pattern Ever Award!

The instructions are simple and well explained. Although there aren’t step-by-step photos (only pictures of the finished bra), I don’t think they are necessary, as the construction is so easy. You can finish it in less than 2 hours!

Also, Maddie shows how to hide nearly every seam (I love the idea of adding channeling to the sides!) so the results are neat and professional.




There is a size guide based on the full bust measurement, from XXS (30” – 31”)to L (38” – 39”). Also, we should keep in mind that the pattern is designed for A-B cups… so I think that most of my fitting issues are due more to my stubbornness (I’m usually a cup C) than to real flaws of the pattern 😉

I chose XS, and the cups fit me but the band is too loose: the problem is that I’ve a difference of about 4” between my full bust and underbust measurements. I narrowed the back piece and now it’s tighter, but still rides up a bit. If I try to narrow it more, the bra couldn’t pass through my shoulders! So, I’ve left it as it is.

Moreover, the sides form little gaps and, while it’s not a big issue for me, I think that it may get worse in bigger sizes. I’ve seen that other people have had the same issue, and some suggest that it could be solved adding plastic boning to the sides. My concern is that this could make the bra less comfortable, but I’ll try next time. Also, I’ll try adding one more horizontal strap. We’ll see…

Nevertheless, the bra is really comfy and quite supportive, so it has become (along with this one) my favorite stay-at-home bra!


To sum up…

– It’s best suited for small cups and/or fairly straight bodies, with little difference between shoulders-full bust-underbust measurements.

– It has some minor fitting issues, that may get worse in bigger sizes (but the pattern is designed for A-B cups, so you may not experience any issue at all if you happen to fall within that size range).


– It’s soooooo easy and quick to make!

– It allows for lots of variations. You can even use it as a crop top!

– It’s really comfortable!

– It’s free! And not only that: we should thank Maddie for taking the job of editing the pattern, making a pdf file, writing clear instructions, taking beautiful photos and, finally, sharing it with us. She clearly has put lots of efforts and care on the whole process, so… THANKS, MADDIE!! ^^


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