Pattern  Review: Maya Bra

The talented Ana released her Maya bra pattern some time ago and asked for pattern testers. And I believe that nearly all the sewers out there jumped at the opportunity! So, if anyone of you is thinking about making this pattern, that’s my experience with it!

Maya Bra pattern
Maya Bra pattern pieces

Pattern sizing

All pattern testers had to fill in a form stating their size, so Ana could send the pattern to everyone on their exact size. Quite impressive! As I wasn’t sure if my US bra size was 28D or 28E, Ana was kind enough to email me the pattern on both sizes. Isn’t it a great customer service? 😉 I finally made the size 28E.

Pattern features

The pattern has 8 pieces: cradle, back, 3 for each foam cup and another 3 for each fabric cup. There are 2 additional cradle and back pieces, so you can choose to close the bra with a 2×3 hook & eye closure or a wider 3×3 hook & eye closure. All the pattern pieces are properly labelled with the pattern name, the size (European size, US size and UK size), the direction of greatest stretch, notches and seam allowance. However, I think it would be nice to include the name of each piece too (eg. “Upper cup”, “lower inner cup”, “lower outer cup”, etc.).  As I see it, it could make construction easier.


The pattern didn’t come with instructions, but Ana has a very detailed bra sew along posted on her blog. So even if you’re a beginner bra-maker you’ll have almost every doubt answered on Ana’s blog.

Maya Bra
Maya Bra, finished!

Fabric used

I’ve used white lace and foam for the cups, purple satin for the cradle (lined to stabilize it) and pale pink powermesh for the back. I’ve also used ½” plush back elastic for the bottom band and a purple elastic trim for the top. The straps and the 2×3 hook & eye closure are from an old bra.

Alterations & Adjustments

I’ve sewn the bra without making any alterations, in order to test the pattern as it is. After finishing it, I realised that the bridge was a little too wide for me, so next time I’ll narrow it by 1/8”. I’ve also found out that I couldn’t sew the second pass of the top band elastic (when the elastic is turned to the wrong side) because then I wouldn’t have enough space to insert the wire. I was using a standard wire in my usual size, so maybe the pattern was drafted for a shorter kind of wire (or maybe I did a mistake when I cut the pattern!). I solved the issue by not turning the elastic to the wrong side, and sewing an elastic trim instead.


The best part of this bra is, without any doubt, the cup shape: I love it!!! The fit of the bra was really good (apart from the bridge being a little too wide), and it’s very supportive (although I don’t have a particularly large bra size, but still). The bra provides a lovely round shape, thanks to the three part cup and the use of foam, and I really really like it. In fact, as far as cup fit is concerned, it’s one of my best fitting bras!!

Maya Bra Cups
That’s a round cup!


So, I absolutely recommend this pattern! It’s perfect if you want a pretty bra that gives you a lifted, round shape, and the foam cups mean that the fabric possibilities for making this bra are almost endless! However, if you prefer less structured or lighter bras, it may not be the right pattern for you. Nevertheless, you can always try to sew it leaving out the foam. I’m sure every version of this bra is going to be so pretty!

Have you tried the Maya bra yet? Tell me what do you think! 🙂



    1. Thanks, Erin!! Oh, I would be so happy to try a bra pattern made by you! Have you thought about selling patterns in your etsy shop? I’m sure they’ll be flawless! 🙂

  1. Sofía, Thank You so much for this review! And thank you for trying Maya pattern! I was so afraid about cup shape. As I see, people love it 🙂 Your Maya turned very pretty 😀
    I will do some statistics on the testing stage, with your permission I would like to link to this post. I want people that read my blog, be able to see Maya bras made other than me.
    PS: I can’t believe cups are so round ;)) It took me like forever to get them this shape.

    1. Thanks, Ana!! I was delighted to try your pattern, it’s very well drafted! I absolutely love the cup shape, so all your efforts had come to a good end! 😀 And of course you can link to this post in your blog. I’m more than happy to share my experience with your pattern!

  2. Sofia, your Maya is so cute!
    I love the color combinations, I also used foam for my Maya but it is not that rounded, actually I don’t know why, it’s not an issue for me because it fits great, maybe our sizes differs.
    Btw! Finally a European gal who has the same struggle as I do 😀 I mean, I live in Hungary and I constantly struggle to get my notions, fabric, trims, lace, silk to lingerie making…. there are lot of fabric shops but none of them offers broad lingerie ingredients, so I have to visit 3-4 shops plus I order online as well… OK, this sounds totally First World Problem.

    So, cheers for your bra, the outcome is gorgeous.
    My bridge came out a little wide too, and I also didn’t have enough space for the elastic at the wire, this week I’ll make alterations on the pattern to make a better fit. And my band became too loose as well.

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