Pattern Review: The Harriet Bra

I made a Harriet, guys! Yes, like everyone else, apparently! Actually, it’s been a long time since I made a bra for me, so after I made this one, I got really excited aaand… I made three more! 😀 But I’ll talk about them later. For now, let’s just focus on the Harriet, right?

The pattern

I was waiting for this pattern for ages, pretty much since Amy from Cloth Habit hinted that she was going to release it (about… a year ago?). I absolutely love Amy, she’s one of my favourite bra-making bloggers and I actually got started in bra making thanks to her wonderful blog. So, I bought the pattern right away, even though I rarely buy bra patterns because I have so much fun drafting them myself! Also it’s worth noting that 100% of the profits from this pattern will be given to charity that supports the Syrian refugees. This definitely made me buy the pattern: I’m glad to be contributing with this cause, even if it’s in a small way.

So, the pattern is everything I could have expected from Amy: the instructions are clear and the drawings help a lot with the construction. There are some little mistakes that were pointed out by the ladies at the Bra-making group on Facebook, but they’re just little things (and I think the pattern has just been updated to correct them). Overall, it feels really professional!


The steps shown in the instructions are more or less the same as the construction of any other bra. I did find curious that Amy makes you construct the cradle and the lining for the cradle as two separate pieces, and then they’re joined with a seam at the top of the bridge. I’m more used to construct them at the same time, sandwiching the seams of the cradle and the lining, so there are no visible raw edges on any side. Nevertheless, you get a very similar result with both methods, so it’s a matter of personal taste!

For reference, I made view C, the all lace version lined at the lower cup.


I used some lace scraps for the bra (with mechanical give but no stretch), so I didn’t have enough fabric to mirror the lace on the cups. Also, I used powernet on the wings and sheer cup lining for the inside. I bought the underarm and band elastic at Mercerie Extra, a French online shop that I’ve recently discovered and really recommend! The prices are more than reasonable and they have elastic in almost every colour. Also, the delivery was very quick!

Sizing and fit

The fit, for me, it’s absolutely perfect! But… I must admit that I kinda cheated here: according to the measurement system on the pattern, I was put on a 28D, but some time ago I made a very similar bra using a self-drafted pattern, so I compared the pattern pieces of the Harriet with my own bra. The result? They were too small. Then I tried the 28DD and…alas! The difference between the Harriet and my own pattern pieces was almost non-existant! So, that’s the size I finally made.

Comparing the two patterns made me realise that the cross cup seam sits lower on the Harriet, and that resulted on it landing exactly on my nipples, which after wearing the bra for a while proved to be a bit uncomfortable. So, for the next time, I’ll raise this seam as it is in my own pattern. Other than that, the bra fits really well and looks lovely on the body!


I’ll definitely make more of this pattern!! In fact, as I already said, I have three variations ready! I’ve tweaked some parts of the original pattern to make it more like my self-drafted one (like the cross cup seam issue above), but it’s more about aesthetic than about fit. Overall, it’s been a huge success!!

Have you already tried the Harriet? Don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts about it! 🙂



  1. Your bra looks gorgeous, I have made Harriet too (she’s my first bra pattern) and love it (well #3) but would love to make it out of foam but I’m unsure how to go about it, Amy said she will do a pdf on it so then I will have the option to make both which will be fab. I’m now hooked on lingerie making!

    1. Thank you Lynsey!! I’ve just made another version of the Harriet with foam cups and it’s not difficult. Actually, Amy made a great tutorial some time ago about how to make a foam cup bra. It’s not specifically about the Harriet pattern, but I think you may find it useful:
      Let me know if you finally make your foam Harriet, I’d love to see it! Bra-making is soo addictive 😉

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