Pattern Review: The Maxine Panties

Have you seen the new Maxine Panties by Evie LaLuve? The designer, Hannah, released them some weeks ago and I had the opportunity of being one of the testers of the pattern. Today, I’m going to review them, so if you’re curious about this pattern and its many possibilities… keep reading!

Disclosure: I received the pattern for free in exchange for being a tester and providing feedback. The designer did not request a review and all opinions are my own.

The pattern

As stated by the description, the Maxine is “a high waist pantie with a choice of three suspender belts that can either be sewn separately or incorporated into the panties. There is a total of 8 different ways to sew this pattern”. So, you can sew the plain panties, the panties combined with each of the different garter belts, or the garter belts on its own.

I chose to make one of the panty + lace garter belt options, I think it’s view 2 of the pattern.


The PDF pattern assembly and the construction of the panties themselves were fairly straightforward. The pattern difficulty is labelled as “Intermediate”, but the instructions are so clear and they’re so full of pictures that I think any “advanced beginner” could make this pattern with ease!

Materials and supplies

I made the panties with this polka-dot powermesh I found in a local shop some time ago. It’s super soft and super cute! I used stretch lace for the garter belt portion, and finished all edges with FOE except for the waist seam, where I used bra band elastic for added support (as advised in the pattern instructions). I also used strap elastic for the garters, but I cut them shorter than the pattern instructions because, well, I’m quite petite and didn’t want to waste elastic 😛

Sizing and fit

According to the size chart, I’m an XS at the waist and an S at the hips, so I made a size S and graded down to an XS at the waist. After doing that, the fit is spot on! They don’t ride up or move when I wear them, and they’re really comfy!


If you’ve read this far, you can probably guess what’s going to be the conclusion of this review: yes, I love this pattern! 😛

I like wearing stockings and my Maxine version feels much more secure than when I wear an ordinary garter belt. The panties hold the stockings and don’t move around during the day, so I think that this garter belt + panties combo is great for comfort and support! Also, the pattern offers the option of making the panties and the different garter belts on their own, so you have plenty of options to choose from if this combination isn’t your thing 😉

So, have you tried the Maxine pattern too? Share your thoughts!



  1. Love your Maxines! Fabulous fabric & lace combo — and they’re impeccably made! I’ll probably use the panty only version for myself, but I have a couple of friends who would adore the panty/garter belt combo. Thanks for the review, I’ll definitely be purchasing this versatile pattern!

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