Pattern testing: Cindy Bodysuit by Ohhh Lulu

When Sarah from Ohhh Lulu made a call for pattern testers, I volunteered immediately: I’m sure you’ll agree with me that her designs are just gorgeous! I was so happy to be one of the pattern testers for her new collections, and I picked the Cindy pattern for my testing.

The Cindy can be made in 3 versions: view B is a longline bra with a 3part cup, view C is a pair of high waist knickers and view A is a bodysuit that combines versions A and B. To do the bodysuit version is necessary to do a little pattern modification, but don’t panic: everything is well explained in the instructions.


The pattern consists of several pieces (the ones corresponding to the bra plus the ones corresponding to the bottoms), so the print and assembly part took some time. Nevertheless, the pages are numbered and it’s quite easy to identify which pieces should be tapped together. Also, every pattern piece is really well identified not only by its name but also by its notches (This is something to bear in mind here: some pieces can look quite similar once cut, so be sure to mark the corresponding notches when cutting the fabric, so you can identify them later!)

Another thing that I noticed the first time I read the instructions was that the seam allowance of the bra is ½”. The standard in the lingerie industry is to use ¼” SA for the bra seams, as it’s easier for sewing very pronounced curves, and that’s the SA I’m used to sew in other patterns (either commercial or self-drafted). However, I sew the bra with the suggested ½” SA and didn’t face any major issues.

The construction process is a bit long (because there a lot of parts to stitch together!), but it isn’t difficult, and every step is well explained in the instructions and in the images that accompany them.

For my version I used pink powermesh for the sides and the back, and black lace for the centre front and the cups. I added some scalloped lace to the upper cup following one of the techniques explained in the Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace and Beyond Craftsy class. It gives such a cute effect, don’t you think? 😉

I’m actually quite proud of my Cindy, as I put quite a lot of attention to detail on it. The sad part is… the fit! The bottom fits me perfectly and the shape is really flattering, but the bra cups feel really small for me. According to the size chart, I was between cup sizes and I chose the smaller one because it was the same as my RTW size: my bad! After writing to Sarah about this, we both arrived to the conclusion that it was an issue caused by my breast shape: I believe that I don’t need a much wider cup, but a more projected one. So, I’ll try to add more depth to the cups next time!


Overall I’m really happy with this pattern and I think that the drafting is excellent, even though it may not be the best for my breast shape. I’ll definitely try it again with some modifications! 😉



  1. This is a gorgeous bodysuit pattern! I’m so fond of the nude +black combo, especially the FOE makes it really perfect!
    Is the middle part non-stretchy (the lace) to keep the underwire in place or how does it keep the underwire stable?

    Too bad it doesn’t fit 🙁 Lately I’ve been thinking that Sarah sure is a millionaire by now from all these pattern sales 🙂 It’s quite fructiferous to sell sewing patterns online – you gotta work a lot for a while, than it keeps ‘feeding’ you like forever. I think these days it’s more gainful than making custome-made bras for example.

    1. Thank you Réka!! The black lace is stretchy, but I’ve lined it with non-stretch fabric (you can see that there’s a horizontal seam separating the “bra part” of the bodysuit and the rest of it: the lace above the horizontal seam is lined). I’ve used a very sheer fabric called “tricot lining” or “sheer cup lining”, and it keeps the underwire stable that way.
      Sarah designs are really beautiful, so I suppose that she’s selling a lot of patterns! 😛 But I think that selling sewing patterns is not as easy as it seems: think of all that time spent in designing, drafting, grading and testing the pattern! And also writing the instructions… I’m developing a garter belt pattern to release for free (I hope it’ll be ready around the first days of august) and I’m spending an insane amount of time grading it! And it’s an easy one, imagine a bra pattern with all the multiple pieces… I’m freaking out just thinking about it! 😉

      1. Thanks for the details!

        And of course I know it’s quite hard work – and being self employed— I think I would suck at it, I know I would be too lazy at home to get myself to work… haha 😀

        And it’s risky – people get unsatisfied so quickly, and I’m too emotional to get e.g. negative critics.

        So I’m not envy – I appreciate the hard work that goes into this. And yepp, bra pattern grading is soooo hard!!!

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