Refashion: From Shirt to… Bra!

I’ve been seeing some gorgeous shirt refashions at Portia’s blog since August began. They’re all part of the project The Refashioners and, if you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend you to go read all the posts about it and search for the hashtag #therefashioners2015 at Instagram. You’ll find lots of cool stuff! I love seeing original projects and feel inspired by all that creative people, don’t you?

So, I thought that it’d be nice if I could grab one of  my boyfriend’s old shirts and do something for me. I was thinking about a sleeveless peplum top like this one, or maybe a cool wrap top like this (one of my favourites!). But Mr. SilverLining’s shirt had long sleeves, and I had to cut them before I started. And then I looked at those sad sleeves that had no place in my shirt refashion and I felt sorry for them. What can you do with two poor pieces of fabric like them? Well, when you have a weird lingerie-making obsession like I have, the answer is easy: a bra! 😛

From shirt to bra
My bra supplies!

Bras require small pieces of fabric, so I had more than enough with the sleeves! And I could still do a short sleeve top with the rest of the shirt! But bras need some other components that can’t be found in a man’s shirt: some elastic fabric for the back, a pair of wires, wire channeling, straps, elastic, closure…

I didn’t feel right about buying all these supplies in a refashioning project, so I headed to my lingerie drawer and found… a black old bra! The main fabric of the bra had some snags, but all the “hardware” was ok, so I took off the wires, cut the straps and unpicked the elastics, wire casing and back closure. I also found a dress with a stretch lace overlay that I was planning to shorten, so I managed to cut two pieces of the lace bottom, to form the wings of my bra. In the end, the only brand new thing that I used for my shirt bra was the foam for the cups.

Shirt Bra 2
You know all about T-shirt bras, but… have you heard about shirt bras? 😉

That’s my shirt bra! I used the Maya bra pattern, created by Ana, with some modifications, and the fit is so good! I even added the cuff buttons to the bridge of my bra. I love the “tailored” effect! 😛

Shirt bra

As most of the supplies were repurposed, the cost of this bra is nearly nothing, but the best part is… I still have another sleeve left! What should I do with it? Matching undies, maybe? Any suggestions? 😉



  1. Wow, I was expecting versions of Maya. But this one has exceeded my imagination! I love the position of the stripes on the cup. And the buttons! Buttons idea is excellent, I have to try this myself. And the lace back! This refashion works so well together! I have one question, is the shirt fabric stretchy?

    1. Thank you, Ana!! Your pattern is so versatile! 😀 So glad you like my version ^^
      The shirt fabric isn’t stretchy, but just like many woven fabrics, it’s slightly stretchy on the bias. I took advantage of that when I cut the cup fabric, so it could adapt better and cover the foam cups nicely.

  2. I think this is so lovely! I love how the feminine shape of the maya pattern is perfectly balanced with that masculine fabric. This is the kind of bra I would wear every day!!

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 Sewing bras may seem intimidating at first, but with a little bit of practice you can have amazing results! I really encourage you to give it a go 😉

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