Shopping Saturday: Eco-friendly fashion in Barcelona

The old part of Barcelona (the Gothic and the Born districts) has become into the Promised Land for anyone who is looking for handmade items. Today, we’re going to stop by three shops that not only sell handcrafted products, but they also share a similar philosophy:  everything they offer is eco-friendly and ethically made.

Let’s start!

PARRUP (c/ Banys Nous 17D)

[Image source: Parrup homepage]
[Image source: Parrup Homepage]
Our first stop is Parrup, where we can find clothes and jewlery, but also pictures and decorative ítems. The founder, Patricia Dimier, and the craftsman Isma L., have carefully selected all the products. These are made by several craftsmen and artists coming from all over Europe. The selection criteria is based on esthetics, but also on the production process: the objects have to be locally and ethically made.

Fun fact? The name of the shop, “Parrup”, imitates the sound that pigeons make. Parrup, parrup! 😉

HUMUS (c/ Avinyó, 29)

[Image source: Humus homepage]
humusComfortable and casual clothes, paired with colorful accessories: that’s what you could find at Humus. It’s a little shop that displays a variety of brands devoted to ethical fashion. The shop’s policy insists on high quality materials, and the clothes shouldn’t contain any harmful ingredient. In addition, they have to be produced by respecting the rights of the people who worked on them.

COSHOP (c/Banys Nous, 6)


Ancient stone walls and modern spotless shelves live together inside this big space. This look reflects the eclecticism of the objects between the walls: CoShop is a collaborative space, a community formed by different designer of Barcelona. Nevertheless, there is something that unites every piece of clothing displayed at CoShop: the social commitment of their creators, who follow “slow fashion” trend and the eco-friendly philosophy.

And that’s the end of our journey! Have you bought any eco-friendly clothes? What do you think of them?


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