Shopping Saturday: Palo Alto Market

New blog section! Every Shopping Saturday you could join me on a short walk along shops or markets I’ve been during the week. Put your comfiest shoes on, because we start now!

This weekend I attended to the most vintage-chic-hipster-monthly-event in Barcelona: Palo Alto Market. It’s held in an old factory of Poblenou (c/ Pellaires, 30) that has been repurposed in order to accommodate several artists’ studios and workshops.


The initiative was promoted by the Palo Alto Foundation, directed by the artist Javier Mariscal, and has been going on since last December. On each one of its editions, the attendance was startling and it hasn’t stopped growing: last weekend the entrance line was almost endless (but you could enter without waiting if you had purchased the ticket online).

El sitio es espectacular! / The location is amazing!
The location is amazing!

Now the question you were waiting for: what can you buy there? Well… almost everything! There is handmade jewelry and clothing, designer objects and furniture, contemporary art, lots of vintage stuff, and so on.

Besides, if after all that design you are in the mood for something more ‘substantial’, there are as well street food vans (I loved the name of one: ‘The Croquette Queen!). Also, they organize workshops for children, so once you are there you could spend the whole day in, even with your family.

     Paloalto2 paloalto4

 paloalto5 paloalto7

As for the shopping, I have to confess that I didn’t buy anything: not because I didn’t like what I was looking at, but because the setting invited you to observe and walk, rather than to shop compulsively. Anyway, I collected some business cards of the designers I liked the most, and I’ll pay them a visit on their own (online) shop. (I’m thinking on Colette Barcelona and her WONDERFUL necklaces with not-so-wonderful prices that my student budget can’t afford *sigh*).

So, to sum up, Palo Alto Market is a good choice if you want to spend an inspiring morning, and it’s a great way to get to know new artists or designers.

What do you think? Would you go to the next Palo Alto Market?


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