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Lace, Lace and more Lace!

The moment I came back from my holidays in Stockholm, I realised that… I’d missed my sewing machine so so much! I spent almost a whole week without sewing!! How crazy is that?! So I gave my machine a giant hug and started sewing non-stop until today 🙂 And the results for that impetuous sewing are… a skirt and a bra! I’ll bog about the skirt later, so today let’s focus on the bra!

I love bras with a 3-part cup, specially the ones which have a seam that connects the strap extension with the lower part of the cup, like this one. Isn’t it pretty? So I decided to play around a bit with the cup seams until I got a similar shape, but I modified the upper part a bit until I got a more pronounced sweetheart neckline. Ta-dah!

Lacy bra

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