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Lace, Lace and more Lace!

The moment I came back from my holidays in Stockholm, I realised that… I’d missed my sewing machine so so much! I spent almost a whole week without sewing!! How crazy is that?! So I gave my machine a giant hug and started sewing non-stop until today 🙂 And the results for that impetuous sewing are… a skirt and a bra! I’ll bog about the skirt later, so today let’s focus on the bra!

I love bras with a 3-part cup, specially the ones which have a seam that connects the strap extension with the lower part of the cup, like this one. Isn’t it pretty? So I decided to play around a bit with the cup seams until I got a similar shape, but I modified the upper part a bit until I got a more pronounced sweetheart neckline. Ta-dah!

Lacy bra

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Black Lace Bra: Sew Delicate!

One of my favourites lingerie brands is For Love And Lemons, and if I were rich I’d buy half of my lingerie from them (the other half would be from Karolina Laskowska, but I’ll talk more about her another day).  I’ve been in love with Love and Lemons all-lace bras for a while (well, to be fair I’m in love with everything they have on their shop) but I’m not rich (yet), so I decided to make my own version of those bras!

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Catrina soft bra: Art inspiration!

About 2 years ago, when I was finishing my Art History degree, I chose an elective course about contemporary Latin-American art, and I discovered a lot of really talented artists! I had heard some things before about the inimitable Frida Kahlo, but names like Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros were almost new to me (and many, many others!). I learned about the colorful world of the Mexican muralism, its striking imagery and its rich folklore. One of the folkloric elements that those artists used was the “Catrina“, a skull that symbolises the goddess Mictecacihuatl, “The Lady of Death”. (You can see a famous painting by Diego Rivera depicting the Catrina here)

So, the moment I saw this fabric all my student memories came back to me: I could do nothing but buy it! 😉 Isn’t it gorgeous? Now I’m doing the finishing touches to the skirt I’ve made with it (I’ll blog about it soon!) but the left over fabric was still too pretty to throw it away. What could I do? Yes, you’re right: a bra! 😛


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Lacy Longline Bra: I feel like Marie Antoinette, and I like it!

Well, some time ago I talked about Kristina Shin’s patternmaking book and the first bra I made using her method. The bra was OK: it fit, it was more or less nice, but… it was missing something: it was missing glamour! French Rococo glamour! Marie Antoinette glamour! It was missing lace and flowers and bows! So I had to do something about it: I bought some white stretch lace paired it with pink powermesh and a black bow… and suddenly I discovered that minimalism is completely overrated. Longline Marie Antoinette-style bras are the best bras!

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Cut Out Bra & Lingerie Inspiration

The blog has been a bit dead this week! I had TONS of university stuff to do, but now I’m nearly done, so… It’s sewing time!! 😉

During the past few months (when my head wasn’t stuck on books)  I’ve been spotting a trend on lingerie design: soft bras  with a triangle shaped cut out at the center band. I’ve lots of them in my Pinterest boards, but my favourites are this one, by Playful Promises, and this one, by Kiss Me Deadly (and I love the photo, btw!).

So, I decided to draft and sew my own, inspired by those great designs! Mine, as you can see, features soft satin cups (lined with cotton jersey) with vertical darts, and pale pink powermesh at the wings. I’ve used a black elastic trim for the top of the wings and a wider elastic (about 1/2″) at the bottom band. Also, I’ve reinforced the side seams with casing, and the bra closes at the back with a metallic clasp.

Satin Cut Out Bra

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