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The Catrina Skirt

It’s been a long time since I talked about this fabric for the first time. You’ve seen it in my Catrina Bra, where I mentioned that I had made a skirt with it. But, for whatever the reason, I never blogged about that skirt… until now! So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: my Catrina Skirt!

This is a simple two tier gathered skirt that I made using the tutorial by By Hand London. I didn’t modify a single thing, but I added a lining (a simple squared piece of cotton jersey, gathered around the waist) because the fabric is quite sheer. I also finished the hem with an overlocked rolled hem.

Catrina Skirt

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Catrina soft bra: Art inspiration!

About 2 years ago, when I was finishing my Art History degree, I chose an elective course about contemporary Latin-American art, and I discovered a lot of really talented artists! I had heard some things before about the inimitable Frida Kahlo, but names like Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros were almost new to me (and many, many others!). I learned about the colorful world of the Mexican muralism, its striking imagery and its rich folklore. One of the folkloric elements that those artists used was the “Catrina“, a skull that symbolises the goddess Mictecacihuatl, “The Lady of Death”. (You can see a famous painting by Diego Rivera depicting the Catrina here)

So, the moment I saw this fabric all my student memories came back to me: I could do nothing but buy it! 😉 Isn’t it gorgeous? Now I’m doing the finishing touches to the skirt I’ve made with it (I’ll blog about it soon!) but the left over fabric was still too pretty to throw it away. What could I do? Yes, you’re right: a bra! 😛


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