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Corset October: Corset Belt & Future Plans!

During the month of October, Erin will be hosting Corset October at her blog so, if you haven’t already, go and check the beautiful submissions of last week! 😛 And today I’m going to show you my submission for this week: my very first corset!

I made it as a ‘corsetry warm-up’, because I was so afraid of making a ‘real’ corset, and I had no idea if the supplies I’d picked were right. Well, more than picking up supplies, I should say that I hunted them! They were so hard to find! Some words like ‘busk’ or ‘coutil’ don’t translate into Spanish, so sometimes I had to sketch them when I was asking at different stores. But, finally, I found everything in one of my favourite shops for lingerie supplies, Cotillería Mercé. Hurrah!

JustMadeCorset Belt
Corset Belt, fresh out of the machine!

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