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Partial Band Bra & Matching Knickers!

After taking Beverly Johnson last course on Craftsy, I was so impatient to try all the pattern modifications she talks about! But, first, I wanted to draft my own bra pattern and perfect the fit. As you know, to complete that task I had the invaluable help of Kristina Shin’s book, my most loyal bra-making companion! 🙂 I believed that I finally succeeded with my Marie Antoinette bra, so now it’s the time that I’ve been waiting for!

I was so excited that I wanted to apply all the modifications to a single pattern, but then I realized that maybe I’ll end up with something like a Franken-Bra-Monster! Partial bra, keyhole bridge, front closure, tapered straps, Y back…. Too many things! So, I’ve decided to try one or two at a time.

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