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Holidays in Stockholm: Fabric shopping!

I’ve just returned from my summer holidays in Stockholm, and I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries 😉 First, you should know that Stockholm is an AMAZING city! I really enjoyed my time there, even if the weather was quite cold, compared to the burning hell we have in Barcelona! Apart from walking around the city, I also visited some museums, and my favourites were the Fotografiska (Photography Museum), the Historiska (History Museum, with lots of Viking stuff!) and the Vasa (a museum built around a huge 17th Century ship). Of course, I also fell in love with almost every designer shop I saw, and I discovered some Swedish clothing brands like Filippa K or & Other Stories, which made my student budget cry really hard. 😉

But I also had some time to dedicate to my fabric addiction, so I visited some fabric shops. Here they are!



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Buying Lingerie Fabrics in Barcelona (a frustrating story)

I’ve wanted to do a post like this since the beginning of this blog but, finally, today is the day. And why today? Well, it could be for a whole bunch of reasons, but on top of them it’s one: today I’ve had the WORST customer experience on a fabric shop EVER. And I wanted to share my frustration with you, because that’s what blogs are for! 😉

So, let’s join me in the fabric-shopping route I did this morning…

Ribes y Casals (Image via Anna Evers)

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