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I’m Back!

Hello there! It’s been a little while since my last post, isn’t it? Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’m alive and ready to pick up this blog again! 😉

Maybe some of you wonder where I’ve been, so here’s the story: back in May I was offered an amazing opportunity for an internship as a patternmaker in a small design studio in Barcelona. It was supposed to last until the end of July, but it extended for all summer until my classes started… and then I had the possibility of working there til December, and I was having such a great time that I said yes! It didn’t occur to me that going to class for nearly 7 hours and then working about 4 hours more in the design studio could be juuust a bit exhausting… But when the time came and I was about to finish, I ended up working there for another month, until the end of January. Yes, I might be suffering a severe case of the Stockholm syndrome 😉

I'm Back

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