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Meet Angerboda: My new Sewing Machine!

Fear not, my friends: I haven’t been kidnapped or abduced by aliens. I just was on holidays! When I returned from Stockholm, I had to visit my parents, grandparents and uncles, each one of them living on a different city! But now… I’m back!!

I managed to sew a couple of things the few days I’ve been at home, but none of them being lingerie… because the shop where I buy all my supplies is closed until September! *cries* I ran out of channeling and strap elastic, and I couldn’t find them on any other shop in Barcelona, so I’ll have to wait some more time to finish my last makes and blog about them. But, in the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to… Angerboda, my new machine!

Bernette Fun Style
Say ‘Hi’, Angerboda!

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