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Partial Band Bra & Matching Knickers!

After taking Beverly Johnson last course on Craftsy, I was so impatient to try all the pattern modifications she talks about! But, first, I wanted to draft my own bra pattern and perfect the fit. As you know, to complete that task I had the invaluable help of Kristina Shin’s book, my most loyal bra-making companion! 🙂 I believed that I finally succeeded with my Marie Antoinette bra, so now it’s the time that I’ve been waiting for!

I was so excited that I wanted to apply all the modifications to a single pattern, but then I realized that maybe I’ll end up with something like a Franken-Bra-Monster! Partial bra, keyhole bridge, front closure, tapered straps, Y back…. Too many things! So, I’ve decided to try one or two at a time.

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Me-Made-May’15: Last 2 Weeks & Final thoughts!

Me-Made-May is over! And, as I did with the first two weeks, here are some photos of the garments I wore:

  1. Floral top, with my first raglan sleeves and the nightmare of sewing with chiffon…
  2. Blue skirt: my first handmade garment ever! Is pretty simple, but I didn’t have a sewing machine back then… I hemmed this damn thing by hand!
  3. Kimono: my second handmade garment! Also sewn by hand, but far easier than hemming that freaken skirt…
  4. You’ve already seen this bra, paired with these knickers!
  5. Floral skirt, with the same fabric as the kimono. I made it in my first patternmaking course, which was focused on skirts!
  6. Black pleated pants (from my second patternmaking course!) and the Mallori Lane bra as a crop top: perfect for a night out!


(You can click on each image to enlarge it)

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