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Holidays in Stockholm: Fabric shopping!

I’ve just returned from my summer holidays in Stockholm, and I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries 馃槈 First, you should know that Stockholm is an AMAZING city! I really enjoyed my time there, even if the weather was quite cold, compared to the burning hell we have in Barcelona! Apart from walking around the city, I also visited some museums, and my favourites were the聽Fotografiska聽(Photography Museum), the聽Historiska聽(History Museum, with lots of Viking stuff!) and the聽Vasa聽(a museum built around a huge 17th Century ship). Of course,聽I also fell in love with almost every designer shop I saw, and I discovered some Swedish clothing brands like聽Filippa K聽or聽& Other Stories, which made my student budget cry really hard. 馃槈

But I also had some time to dedicate to my fabric addiction, so I visited some fabric shops. Here they are!



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Lacy Longline Bra: I feel like Marie Antoinette, and I like it!

Well, some time ago I talked about Kristina Shin’s patternmaking book and the first bra I made using her method. The bra was OK: it fit, it was more or less nice, but… it was missing something: it was missing glamour! French Rococo glamour! Marie Antoinette glamour! It was missing lace and flowers and bows! So I had to do something about it: I bought some white stretch lace paired it with pink powermesh and a black bow… and suddenly I discovered that minimalism is completely overrated. Longline Marie Antoinette-style bras are the best bras!

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Anita Bra: All that lace!

Today is a especial day! Not only because this post was planned for Thursday and today is Tuesday (oh, time travel!), nor because it seems that spring has come at last (going out without a coat in April! How crazy is that?). No, today is special because鈥 I鈥檝e finished my first self drafted underwired bra! *applause*. And I鈥檓 so proud of it, so I鈥檓 going to fill this post with loooooots of pictures! 馃槈

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Billie Bralette (& Greta the Dress Form)

Today I鈥檒l introduce you to… Billie! *Applause* Billie is my second self-drafted bralette pattern (you can see the first here).

It features a two part cup (made of low stretch satin and lace), a slim band (black mesh) and metallic closure. I used fold over elastic for everything, but next time I鈥檒l try a wider elastic for the band, to make it more supportive. In addition, I鈥檒l line the lower cup in cotton jersey, to make it slightly sturdier and hide the cup seams!

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How – to: Corinnes 鈥 Second variation!

Today we鈥檙e going to alter our Corinne pattern to get this version:

On the front side, it鈥檚 like the classic version, but鈥 the surprise is on the back! It has two strips of elastic lace, joined together by a bow.

  1. Pattern modification + cutting

First, draw a line on the back piece and cut it. Then, add 1/6鈥 seam allowance to the pieces:

Corinne variation2scaled

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