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Refashion: From Shirt to… Bra!

I’ve been seeing some gorgeous shirt refashions at Portia’s blog since August began. They’re all part of the project The Refashioners and, if you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend you to go read all the posts about it and search for the hashtag #therefashioners2015 at Instagram. You’ll find lots of cool stuff! I love seeing original projects and feel inspired by all that creative people, don’t you?

So, I thought that it’d be nice if I could grab one of  my boyfriend’s old shirts and do something for me. I was thinking about a sleeveless peplum top like this one, or maybe a cool wrap top like this (one of my favourites!). But Mr. SilverLining’s shirt had long sleeves, and I had to cut them before I started. And then I looked at those sad sleeves that had no place in my shirt refashion and I felt sorry for them. What can you do with two poor pieces of fabric like them? Well, when you have a weird lingerie-making obsession like I have, the answer is easy: a bra! 😛

From shirt to bra
My bra supplies!

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Back to School & Fall Sewing Plans

I’m back to school today!! I’m back to my PhD classes, but I’m also starting some exciting new classes: I’ve been admitted in a professional patternmaking programme at a specialised school! I’ll have to work hard this year, because I’ll have to make progresses with my PhD and also study the patternmaking course, but I’m super excited!! The course lasts two years and they’ll teach us about digital patternmaking, industrial sewing techniques, design theory, fashion history… and in the end we’ll have to do an internship! Is La Perla accepting interns, by the way? 😛

So, before I’m all snowed under with work, I’m going to share with you my sewing plans for this fall. Will I be able to accomplish them? We’ll see… 😉


Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork
Oslo Cardigan, by Seamwork

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