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Where to sew in Barcelona

As you remember, my sewing machine broke and I was all cranky and in a bad mood because I missed sewing so much (sewing withdrawal syndrome is a thing, by the way. If you don’t believe me, ask my boyfriend: he was a collateral victim. Poor thing). So, what could a girl do when she wants to sew but doesn’t have a sewing machine?

Well, I did my research and found several places in Barcelona where you can go:


Lantoki (Image via Lantoki)

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Shopping Saturday: Tour around El Raval

Last Saturday I went on a city tour around Barcelona, organized by Raval Cultural. It was really interesting, as they explained to us the artisan origins of Barcelona, and the evolution of the textiles industry along the years. In addition, we visited some artisan shops and studios located on the Raval area. So, I’d like to share my discoveries with you!

EL LAVADERO (c/Sant Rafael, 14)

El Lavadero is a jewellery workshop created by Isabel Herrera, but there you can find other jewelers as well. They display their unique creations here, but this place is, above all things, a work space:   



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