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Meet Angerboda: My new Sewing Machine!

Fear not, my friends: I haven’t been kidnapped or abduced by aliens. I just was on holidays! When I returned from Stockholm, I had to visit my parents, grandparents and uncles, each one of them living on a different city! But now… I’m back!!

I managed to sew a couple of things the few days I’ve been at home, but none of them being lingerie… because the shop where I buy all my supplies is closed until September! *cries* I ran out of channeling and strap elastic, and I couldn’t find them on any other shop in Barcelona, so I’ll have to wait some more time to finish my last makes and blog about them. But, in the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to… Angerboda, my new machine!

Bernette Fun Style
Say ‘Hi’, Angerboda!

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New Serger & My Sewing Studio!

Actually, I planned to write this post some time ago. In fact, I was writing it when my laptop died and lost everything I had written, and short after that, my sewing machine broke for the first time (I honestly believe that all the machines around me have evil plans against my happiness). So now I’m writing this on my boyfriend’s computer and I don’t have my sewing machine with me because it’s broken again (I think that the guys at the repair shop never fixed it right…). All the photos you’re going to see are pre-catastrophe. But, despite all my misfortunes, I’m not curled in my sofa eating ice-cream (yet) because… I’ve got a new toy: my serger!!

The thing is that my lovely boyfriend (let’s call him Mr. SilverLining. And he’s reading this, so I should say again how lovely is he) gave me some financial help so I could buy a serger/overlock. Immediately after it, I started an epic quest for the perfect one! After reading really good things about Brother, Juki and Elna sergers, I was able to find a fantastic deal for the Brother 4234D. And here it is, my friends!

That's my baby!
That’s my baby!

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