The Ballerina Bra

Hi there! It’s been some time since I last posted a me-made bra, and I felt that I had to do something about it! 😉 But don’t worry, the next post in my Power Bar series will be up next Monday (here you can read Part I and Part II if you haven’t yet!).

So, on to my new bra! This one is called the Ballerina Bra for obvious reasons: all that gathered tulle makes me think about a ballerina’s tutu, don’t you agree? 😉 This time I decided to do something more special and fancier than my regular bras, maybe I’m inspired by Spring!


The pattern for this bra is actually very simple: it has a 2 piece cup with a horizontal seam and a balconette shape. The cups are made of sheer cup lining and I used black tulle lined with sheer cup lining too for the cradle. The back is made of back powernet. So, how could I make a plain bra more exciting? Adding tulle! Lots of gathered tulle! I just cut two strips of black tulle that were roughly three times longer than the upper cup edge, and I gathered them togheter. I basted them to the cup edge before sewing the cups to the cradle, and I finished that edge and the underarm with fold-over elastic.


As I still thought that there was something missing, I hand-stitched a narrow velvet ribbon over the tulle, and also made a big satin bow –that’s actually my favourite feature of this bra! I also used some satin ribbon for the front part of the straps, so they’re only adjustable at the back. Below these lines is a “behind the seams” photo for those of you who are curious. As you can see, it’s a very simple bra!


Being completely honest, this is not a very practical bra: the straps are going to stretch out quicker and, of course, the gathered tulle shows almost under every top I own! (except maybe under chunky sweaters!) but I can’t help  to be so pleased with it! 😀 I really love how it has turned out and, weirdly enough, I love its impracticality too! 😉 Sometimes it just feels so good to indulge ourselves in something delightfully frivolous, don’t you think?




  1. I LOVE this bra, and I think there is something simply divine about indulging in a frivolous bra! it makes me want one 🙂 🙂 as if I don’t already have too many!

    1. Thanks Erin!! 🙂 It’s so fun to indulge in a frivolous project once in a while! You can’t have too many of them 😉

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