The Catrina Skirt

It’s been a long time since I talked about this fabric for the first time. You’ve seen it in my Catrina Bra, where I mentioned that I had made a skirt with it. But, for whatever the reason, I never blogged about that skirt… until now! So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: my Catrina Skirt!

This is a simple two tier gathered skirt that I made using the tutorial by By Hand London. I didn’t modify a single thing, but I added a lining (a simple squared piece of cotton jersey, gathered around the waist) because the fabric is quite sheer. I also finished the hem with an overlocked rolled hem.

Catrina Skirt

Looking it with perspective, I think that I should have used French seams whenever possible, instead of sewing and overlocking all the edges. I’d just bought my new overlocker, so I was desperate to use it! But the inside of the skirt would have been so much neater with French seams… Anyway, you can’t really see the inside because there’s a lining, so I’m the only one who knows!

The construction of the skirt is pretty straightforward: you only need a big, rectangular piece of fabric (or several pieces of fabric sewn together, because the pleats will conceal the seams) and a smaller, longer one for the ruffle at the bottom. The waist is, again, a rectangular piece of fabric and the skirt is closed with an invisible zipper at the back.

Rolled hem at my Catrina Skirt. Overlocks make things way easier!
Rolled hem at my Catrina Skirt. Overlocks make things way easier!

The length is perfect for me, at least with this kind of sheer fabric (maybe I’d have done it shorter if I had been using a more opaque fabric). The lining stops just before the bottom ruffle, so you can play with the transparency a bit.

It’s so light and comfortable that I’ve been wearing it all summer, and it only takes a couple of hours to sew! The perfect project for a lazy evening at home 🙂

Which is your comfiest skirt pattern? I’d love to know!

Catrina Skirt Fabric
I can’t get enough of this print!


  1. This fabric pattern is AMAZING 😀 For Christmas I got a book about Frida Kahlo (it was on my wishlist, we gave gifts to each other at work) and I love her style. I think she might have been the most stylish women in the 20th century 🙂

    1. Thanks!! ^^ I love Frida Kahlo too. I studied some of her pictures in my Modern Art class, and I was so impressed by her difficult life and, of course, her original style! I completely agree with you, she was so stylish! 😉

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