The Glamorous Satin Bra

Hi everyone! Here I go again, pursuing my journey around the worl d of power-bars! This time I’ve tried a different type: the built-in power bar or seamed power bar, in the form of… my Glamorous Satin Bra!

PurpleSatinBraFrontI’m sure you’re used to see this kind of power bar because it’s featured in a very popular bra pattern: the Marlborough bra! The built-in power bar is part of the cup pattern itself. Below you can take a closer look at it:


The original pattern I’ve used is the same as my Marie-Antoinette bra, but I’ve modified it to include the seamed power bar and a ‘Gothic arch’ at the bridge. I’ll go into more details of this pattern modification in my next post, that will be all about power bars 😛 As you can see, the final result is quite similar to the Marlborough pattern, so now I’m thinking about making an actual Marlborough and compare the fit between these too!

The ‘Gothic Arch’: these criss-crossed pieces of elastic form a little triangle shape at the bridge

For the fabric, I’ve used stretch lace for the upper cup and back band, and stretch satin for the rest of the cup and the power bar. Everything is lined with sheer cup lining, to give it a bit more of stability. I have to say that stretch satin isn’t the best fabric that you can choose for sewing a new bra pattern: it’s a slippery little bastard!

As you can see, it looks quite different from my Marie-Antoinette bra, even though I’ve used the same pattern slitghtly modified! I love that feature of bra-making: it allows you to create multiple styles with one single pattern! As fro the fit, it’s in fact similar to the fit I got from my previous two bras, maybe slightly more rounded. It’s a very comfortable bra, and I love the look of it! After so many white lace, I felt like I needed something more “grown up” and glamorous. How do you feel about it? Do you like your lingerie with all the frills and laces or do you prefer simpler designs? 😉



  1. Very glamorous indeed!! Wow, I love it, I think this is one of your best looking bras 🙂

    As for myself, I tried a similar stretch silk satin, but in an emerald green color. And lace for the upper cup piece. Sadly I didn’t line it, I thought it would be okay. OH NO, it turned out sooo bad. Silk does nothing as a bra fabric unless its lined or have foam inside. Pfff. total mess, my boobs were bouncing in it.

    I still love silk but now Im dreaming about a silk Anna Dress by Hand London… I wanna have one in summer, silk is the queen of fabrics, and just imagining that flowy, little boho/hippie dress .. makes the day brighter 😀

    1. Thanks Réka!! Satin looks lovely in bras, but sadly it’s difficult to handle! This time I lined it and the fit was OK, but sewing all the parts together was a real pain! Maybe it would be a good idea to put some fusible interfacing in it to reduce the stretch, I’m going to try it next time and I’ll tell you the results! 😉
      And YES, the Anna Dress in silk would look amazing!! I can’t wait to see your version of it!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful again Sofia. Am really looking forward to your comparison of the fit of this one the the Marlborough! Can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

  3. SOOO stunning! You’re right, it is such a grown up and sophisticated look 🙂 I’m planning my own version of that idea soon in black stretch satin, and now I’m very inspired to get on to that…but you’ve also reminded me that I have red stretch satin that needs to be put to good use too! Time for more lingerie sewing methinks!

    1. Thanks Maddy!! I love satin lingerie, it feels so classy and luxurious! And I strongly advocate for the red satin in your next project: I’m a big fan of black satin lingerie, but red… red is THE colour for lingerie! 😉
      I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! 🙂

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